Planned Parenthood Botches Abortion, Delays Getting Help, Kills the Mother


Remember when Barack Obama spoke to Planned Parenthood in DC in April of last year? He lauded Planned Parenthood for the fine care they give women.

THE PRESIDENT:  Hello, everybody!  (Applause.)  Thank you.  Thank you!  (Applause.)  All right, everybody have a seat.  Have a seat.  You’re making me blush.  (Laughter.)


THE PRESIDENT:  I love you back.  Thank you.  (Applause.)

Cecile, thank you for the warm introduction, and thank you for the outstanding leadership that you’ve shown over the years. You just do a great, great job.  (Applause.)  I want to thank all of you for the remarkable work that you’re doing day in, day out in providing quality health care to women all across America.  You are somebody that women — young women, old women, women in between — count on for so many important services.  And we are truly grateful to you.


So every day, in every state, in ever center that Planned Parenthood operates, there are stories like those — lives you’ve saved, women you’ve empowered, families that you’ve strengthened. That’s why, no matter how great the challenge, no matter how fierce the opposition, if there’s one thing the past few years have shown, it’s that Planned Parenthood is not going anywhere.  It’s not going anywhere today.  It’s not going anywhere tomorrow. (Applause.)

As long as we’ve got to fight to make sure women have access to quality, affordable health care, and as long as we’ve got to fight to protect a woman’s right to make her own choices about her own health, I want you to know that you’ve also got a President who’s going to be right there with you fighting every step of the way.  (Applause.)

Thank you, Planned Parenthood.  God bless you.  God bless America.  Thank you.

Personally, I don’t think God had anything to do with it and he’s not blessing this organization. Take the following 2012 wrongful death settlement that our tax dollars got to fund as one example.

The Planned Parenthood of Illinois, Northwestern Memorial Hospital, and Northwestern Medical Faculty Foundation have to pay $2 million in the wrongful death lawsuit of Tanya Reaves.


Tanya Reaves, dead at age 24 due to criminal negligence

The much heralded Planned Parenthood of Illinois is responsible for the death of Tanya Reaves, a 24-year old who bled to death after a botched late-term abortion and it cost them or the taxpayers $2 million.

After a botched abortion, a Chicago Planned Parenthood facility waited 5 ½ hours to take Reaves to the hospital where there were more delays. Why the delays? We can guess why. The clinic personnel didn’t even call 911.

These clinics aren’t monitored by the government, the same government that wants to control everything else in our lives, even to the sodas we drink.

Reaves slowly and painfully bled to death from an incomplete abortion and a perforated uterus.

The procedure Planned Parenthood uses for late-term abortions requires them to dilate the mother and then dismember the child until they can pull the baby from the mother.  It’s one of the “pro-choice” and “women’s health” initiatives – the right to have your baby dismembered because it’s your body ladies.

Walter Hoye, a black pro-life leader who obtained a copy of the court order awarding a $2 million settlement said, “In my opinion, Planned Parenthood is guilty of criminal negligence, depraved indifference, and gross medical incompetence,” Hoye said. “Now that the case is settled, we will never know how a jury would have reacted.”

The autopsy results prove that her injuries were survivable if she had gotten help in a timely manner. The autopsy omitted the name of Planned Parenthood and the persons who took part in the abortion as part of what appears to be a cover up.

Her abortion was performed at the Loop Health Center Planned Parenthood, located at 18 S. Michigan Avenue in Chicago, but according to Planned Parenthood’s website, surgical abortions are not supposed to be performed at the location.

Where is the investigation?

They were able to settle without cause but they should have been held accountable beyond a financial payout. Planned Parenthood is never held accountable, instead we have a president who tells them how great they are and showers God’s blessings and tax dollars on them.

Planned Parenthood isn’t concerned about women’s health, they are working for profit and they have their hands in the biggest cookie jar in the world – the pocket of the U.S. taxpayer. The left wants every baby to be a wanted baby so they prefer killing them to giving them a chance at adoption.

Did you hear about the “deathscorts” and the “bubble zones” yet? Deathscorts are volunteer clinic escorts who disrupt pro-life sidewalk counselors and snatch pro-life literature from abortion clients and usher the desperate women into the clinic. Bubble zones are areas around clinics in which the free speech of pro-life counselors is restricted, making it harder to save mothers and babies.

Can you imagine if the situation were reversed and pro-abortion advocates were kept from exercising their free speech rights?

Planned Parenthood will do anything to get these women into the clinics but in the case of Tanya Reaves, it took them more than 5 hours to get this dying woman to a hospital.

My, how we’ve progressed from the back room abortions:

I like the biblical quote at the end of the video above. It comes to what seems a logical conclusion.

More information at lifenews

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