Political Correctness Gone Crazy!


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Political Correctness has gone crazy.  There seems to be a push by the Politically Correct People, which I refer to as the PCP crowd, to fight for a nondescript America so that no one gets offended. Almost any action of describing someone or something is deemed “offensive”.

In addition to making everything “non desciptive”, the PCPers will allow you to choose to be whatever you want to be!  A man can be woman, a white person can be black and putting on a headdress can entitle you to the benefits of being an American Indian.  We should just throw out our birth certificates because they have become useless pieces of paper. Erasing “who-we-are” seems to be the goal of the PCP crowd.

Some white whacko kid murders nine innocent black people in a church and just because he was seen waving a Confederate flag on Facebook, well then, the Confederate battle flag must come down. If a black person commits a crime, do we call for the entire race of people to be sent back to Africa?

With the majority of people being white, and with a black president, twice elected, doesn’t that prove that most American people arn’t racists? If we are going to take down the Confederate flag in order to promote “racial harmony”, then it’s also time to toss out the over-played race-card, as well.

The PCP crowd wants reruns of The Dukes of Hazzard banned from TV, but they don’t call for the ban of The Jeffersons, where George Jefferson uses the phrase “honky” 32 times per episode.  The Confederate flag offends the PCP crowd but not name calling, as long it is against white folks.

The PCP want us to leave the borders of our country open and that means anyone can cross over without having a background check.  A border defines a country but the PCP are offended by that, therefore they encourage open borders and invite people to come to America by saying everyone should be welcome.

I just want to know if you invite total strangers into your home or do you hire someone to perform work on your home without a reference or background check?   Why are we not enforcing our Immigration Policy?  Because we don’t want to offend the fence jumpers, in fact, you can’t even put the word “illegal” in front of the word immigrant because the people committing crimes might be “offended”.

On January 6, 1941, American president Franklin D. Roosevelt called “Freedom from Fear” one of the “Four Freedoms” at his State of the Union.  Freedom from Fear is listed as a fundamental human right according to The Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Did the young lady gunned down in San Francisco enjoy her “Freedom from Fear” right? No! Why?  Because some illegal 5-time fence-jumping felon has more rights than an American Citizen.  In fact, the ciminial gets to live in a place called Sanctuary City, which means he is being protected by the Law of our land.

The last words  Kathryn Steinle said as she lay dying on the streets of San Francisco were “Help me Dad”.  Try imaging those words coming from your dying child’s lips the next time you are pulling the lever for those who support “open borders”.   Closing our borders doesn’t offend Americans,; it protects them.

The insanity continues on a daily basis.   A white woman purchasing a nude bra is considered a “racist”. I wonder what a black woman purchasing a black bra is considered?

Here comes the Bride? Nope. The PCP crowd are pushing to outlaw the phrase “Husband and Wife” and replace it with “you are now Spouse and Spouse”. What about the people who want to be introduced as “Husband and Wife”? Those people have no rights!  Hallmark will have a much easier time making Anniversary cards now with the easy all-in-one Unisex phrase “Happy Anniversary to my Wonderful Spouse”.

Speaking of UniSex, the PCP crowd also want unisex bathrooms. Men can use a woman’s rest room if he is feeling “feminine”.  Men and Women have different “plumbing” and we should be able to use the ladies room without fear of finding a man in the next stall who might be feeling “girlish”! (or perhaps just a pervert).

I’m sorry, but the reason why women make going to the bathroom a “team effort” is for safety reasons. Letting the “fox” into the “hen house” is only opening up a can-of-worms and inviting possible lawsuits.  Do you want your daughter walking into a restroom with a guy in there hanging out, literally?  Let’s keep our bathrooms separate for safety reasons.

I grew up eating peanut butter and jelly sandwichs but the PCP crowd tell me it’s because I have “white privilege”. I thought I ate them because they tasted good and honestly, it was an inexpensive way for my parents to feed four kids.

There is a demand by the PCP crowd that the Washington Redskins change their name so as not to offend “Native Americans” even though Native Americans are not offended. Well, I vote for the name to be changed to the Washington Weasels, in honor of our elected officials who should be securing our borders and not wasting time worrying about a football logo that offends no one but them.

I wonder if the NY Giants will have to change their name so as not to offend short people.  When will the Pittsburgh Pirates and the Oakland Raiders have to change their names, as these are symbols of “bad” people.

Here’s the logic of the PCP crowd, in order to be politically correct, we should only use the first initial of our name so that no one will know if we are male or female, we should all wear the same clothes so that no one is offended if someone is wearing an article of clothing that “matches their skin color”,  we should all eat the same food so that no one is insulted by what’s between two slices of bread, we should have no borders so that everyone can feel at home and all sports team should be named after species of birds.

Being “Politically Correct” simply translates to eliminating our traditions, our history and being an Individual.

The PCP crowd wants all of us to think and act like them, even if we are offended by their behavior. If you are not PCP, tough, because you’re “obviously a racist” and your feelings don’t count.

Funny thing is the PCP crowd want us to be “more tolerant” as they push for more “intolerance”. If a couple wants to be recognized as a Husband and Wife, why should the Spouse and Spouse give a damn?

If you support the PCP crowd, then obviosly you must be high on pcp angel dust because that’s the only reasonable explanation as to why anyone would actually believe all this crap.

To prove that I’m a free-thinking, red-blooded real American, I’ll be wearing my nude bra under my Washington Redskin Football Jersey to the Cracker Barrel restaurant while eating a peanut butter & jelly sandwich and if I happen to see a man in the ladies rest room, I’m calling the police!



  1. Heres’s the problem with the Politically Correct Crowd – they want us to give up what we believe and accept what they believe in!
    It really is insanity!

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