Progress on Fake Iran Deal: If Iran Cheats, We Won’t Know It


There is a hold up in Iran talks with a deadline approaching on June 30th. Iran has made it clear that they will not allow inspections of military sites nor will there be any accounting of past violations. They are not going to declare past sites and Kerry is now saying he will trust Iran on past activity.

Getting Iran to explain evidence of past nuclear weapons research is no longer an issue for this administration. Secretary of State John Kerry doesn’t seem to care though he did care only this past April.

Kerry’s priority now is to get Tehran to agree to future inspections at all sites where nuclear activities are suspected, Secretary of State John Kerry told reporters Tuesday.

“Access remains very critical and has to be addressed,” Kerry said. “We’re not fixated on Iran accounting for what it did at one point in the time. We know they did it. What we’re concerned about is going forward.”

There is almost nothing left for John Kerry to cede to Iran.

Former Spokesperson of the United Nations Ric Grennell explains the situation in the next video.

Barack Obama promised in April of this year that we would know of every aspect in the nuclear supply chain. “If Iran cheats, we will know it,” he assured the American public. Adding that “with this deal, Iran will face more inspections than any other nation in the world.”

Unless this administration knows of each possible site where Iranians could be developing nuclear weapons, and without free and complete access to military installations, there is no way to know what Iranians are doing.

Unless we know everything, it’s a fatal blow to this deal.



  1. This is beyond Stupid. Obama and Kerry are lying through their teeth as they aid and abet our avowed enemy in developing weapons of mass destruction that they are willing to use even with the certainty of retaliation. They believe we are in the “end days” when Muslims fight the final wars against the infidel and the Mahdi comes to complete the conquest.

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