Startling Facts About America’s Immigration Process and a Warning


Crowds of immigrants protest in favor of comprehensive immigration reform while on the West side of Capitol Hill in Washington, April 10, 2013. REUTERS/Larry Downing (UNITED STATES - Tags: POLITICS CIVIL UNREST SOCIETY IMMIGRATION)

The Senate Judiciary Committee’s subcommittee on Immigration and the National Interest, which is chaired by Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL) presented a chart to Breitbart exclusively which showed that for every one American born, the country will add 7 more through future immigration. We really are becoming a nation of almost solely immigrants, but that’s not what we were despite Obama’s proclamations that we are.


If you believe this needs to be discussed, the New York Times will call you an anti-immigration populist but meanwhile our system is illogical and it’s being decided by the few in high places who are not following the law.

This trend began with the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965. Many of the people coming in are poor, uneducated, and hoping to receive extensive government assistance. Roughly more than 57% receive some form of government assistance. In the case of refugees, 90% are on assistance. They are being provided guidance in many cases by leftist organizations who also sign them up as Democrats where possible.

The United States has taken in four times more worldwide immigrants than any other nation on Earth. Over the next five decades, Pew projects that new immigration, including the descendants of those new immigrants, will add 103 million to the current U.S. population, Breitbart reported.

Pew also found in their research that Americans want immigration slowed by a 3 to 1 margin. It’s not that they are nativists, xenophobes or racists, they just recognize that we will lose what makes America great if we don’t have a more reasonable pace to the process. Immigration needs to be affordable, there have to be jobs for them and there has to be time for the new population to assimilate. Otherwise it’s just an invasion and a takeover.

This past month, new jobs again went to immigrants, not natives.

It is a serious mistake to have an overblown welfare state as we now have at the same we are experiencing massive immigration, especially if it includes illegal immigration and unvetted refugees.

Also from Breitbart, over the next 50 years, the median age of foreign born will be 53 – not good for support systems for the elderly.

Many claim the answer was the Senate immigration bill drawn up by the gang of eight.

Sen. Sessions was opposed to the gang of eight bill because it “granted amnesty to the entire illegal alien population, only sought to reduce illegality at the border by 13 percent and would cost the taxpayer $30 billion in just 10 years.”

Corporations want the cheap labor and that’s their bottom line, not necessarily in the country’s interests and not all that fair to immigrants.

To add to this, Obama and the Democrats want to take in at least 200,000 unvetted refugees, some of whom are known to be economic migrants or jihadists.

Logic and what’s good for America have given way to propaganda from the left who keep everyone in fear of being called a racist or being thought unkind. If you don’t agree with massive immigration and unlimited acceptance of refugees, you can’t be considered rational though it’s irrational to not look at these policies.

We only need to look at Germany to understand what illogical immigration policies do to a country. Germany is expecting as many as 1.5 million immigrants in a year but this influx is considered the tip of the iceberg.

refugees in Germany
Refugees in Germany

One poll indicates that 47% to 59% of Germans are concerned about the massive influx of refugees, mostly men, but at least one German magazine claims that people are afraid to speak out or protest for fear of being called xenophobic. The most supportive of the influx are those who lived in the communist East German states, according to the poll.

It could cost Germans friendships and even jobs if they don’t go along with it, the magazine reported. It could cost parents custody of their children if they set an example that “jeopardizes” the child to be determined by the State. Statements or actions could get parents convicted in court.

The newspaper indicates that spouses, relatives, friends co-workers are encouraged to turn in a parent who is “jeopardizing’ the child with anti-immigrant propaganda.

Chancellor Merkel, herself once a resident of the former East German states, was recently overheard telling Mark Zuckerberg that she wants him to censor hate speech on the German Facebook. How the Europeans define hate speech is far removed from our definition and they do not have a First Amendment.

More German Refugees
More German Refugees

The reason I mention Germany’s refugees is because it’s absent all common sense. They are acting strictly from an emotional standpoint.

The facts are that the refugees are mostly men and it’s happening during a global jihad. Many are going to Germany to exploit their government benefits. Worst of all, they can’t be vetted from most of these nations. It’s great to be trusting but not to the point of endangering the country’s welfare.

And what happens to their identity as a sovereign nation?

Interior Minister Thomas de Maizière lashed out at the “many” refugees he accused of not following Germany’s rules.

“There are many refugees who believe that they can just allocate themselves,” he said. “They leave the facilities and order a taxi — and then, surprisingly, they have the money to drive hundreds of kilometers across Germany. They strike because they don’t like the way they’re accommodated, they create trouble because they don’t like the food, or they get into fist fights in the refugee centers.”

Security staff try to push migrants to their appropriate waiting queue as asylum-seekers wait to register outside the State Office of Health and Social Affairs in Berlin (LAGeSo) where hundreds of migrants wait to receive help from the Berlin administration on September 28, 2015. AFP PHOTO / DPA / KAY NIETFELD +++ GERMANY OUT (Photo credit should read KAY NIETFELD/AFP/Getty Images)
Berlin, Germany

Germany is a country we need to watch. We could easily be in the same position. Is this really what Americans want?

The problem will get worse as Russia intercedes and Iran takes over the region. There is no end in sight. They could take down entire nations.

The answer to this is beyond my pay grade. What do you think? Is this something we should be concerned about and is it worthy of discussion without being called names?

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