Screamin’ Dean Says It’s Trump’s Fault He Accused Trump of Being on Cocaine



When I got up this morning, I fell down the stairs and it was definitely Trump’s fault. It used to be Bush’s fault but now it’s Trump’s. I feel exactly like Howard Dean who put the blame on Trump for his (Dean’s) cocaine rant.

Screaming Dean was highly critical of the media and of Trump for his deranged attack on Trump, claiming Trump’s sniffling could be from a coke habit and we don’t mean the soda.

Dean said, “I would like the media of this country to apologize.” Couldn’t the media see he was merely using innuendo, he implied. He continued with his twisted lie and said, “I’m not unwilling to apologize for using innuendo. Donald Trump has used innuendo from the day he got into this campaign and you, media, have not called him on it.”

A reporter asked why he would want to “go low” like Trump, to which he replied, “Stephanie, I did that on purpose so I could say just exactly what I said.”

Oh puh-leeze….

What crazy world does this liar live in??? I think he shares it with many in the Democrat-Socialist Party.

He wants you to think he is a genius tricking all of us.

Howard Dean is one, sick puppy.

Who is on drugs???


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