SEIU, Stealing Elections Is Us



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Associated Pravda reports that Obama’s SEIU, the very far left union, which owns the Democratic Party, will start their efforts earlier and with more vigor than in any prior election.

SEIU President Mary Kay Henry said the union plans to reach out to all 2.1 million members by Labor Day and focus to get more Hispanic and black voters to the polls. She is afraid that their enthusiasm, which has waned since 2008, will keep them from getting up and out to the polls. “We’re trying to do it on a scale that we’ve never done before,” she said.

SEIU spent $60 million on the last election. Labor groups spent about $400 million to get Obama elected.

This is the reason collective bargaining is a problem. It requires union dues be removed from the salaries of employees and then the dues are used to elect Democrats almost exclusively, even if the employee doesn’t want his/her money to be used for that purpose.

The people who bought a party are going to buy the election.

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