Some More Questions for these Dumb Ass College Kids


The Family Policy Institute of Washington is circulating a hilariously frightening video of a 5’9’” white male asking university students, as part of a test to see if they would contradict/judge him, absolutely ridiculous qestions about his identity.

The fellow asks, with some of their responses following in italics, if they would believe him if he claimed he’s:

  • enrolling in a the First Grade Class- “If that’s where you should feel you should be.” Probably not….I guess? Unless you haven’t finished First Grade to this point.”
  • a woman “Good for you. OK. Yeah.”
  • Chinese- “Good for you. Be who you are.”
  • 7 years old- “If you feel 7 at heart. Good for you!” I wouldn’t go out of my way to say you’re wrong.”
  • 6’5” tall-   “I wouldn’t tell you you’re wrong.” I feel that’s not my place, as like, another human, to say someone is wrong or to draw lines and boundries.”

Well how about asking these sheltered snowflakes some follow-up questions, that challenge them to make important judgements on people they may encounter both inside and outside of their “safe spaces”?

  • Would you take a ride from a seedy looking stranger or group of strangers, because they gave complete assurances they were upstanding citizens?
  • Would you, as a young lady, accept an invite back to the room of a fellow twice your size, whom you’d just met, based on his guarantee he’s a terrific guy?
  • Would you lend a large sum of money to person with whom you were completely unfamiliar, simply because the borrower promised to pay it back?
  • Would you take drugs offered by someone claiming to be a pharmasist?
  • Would you allow yourself to be given a physical or operated on by a lady or gent declaring they were an MD?

We’d all like to think that more serious, threatening circumstances would lead to more reality-based responses. But listening to how these kids justify their insane rationalizations strongly implies they haven’t really received anything close to proper training in adult decision making.

Their other worldly cluelessness puts both themselves, on a small scale, and the nation on a large scale at great risk. Just think about the PC response to a short interviewer swearing he was 6’5” tall. “I wouldn’t tell you you’re wrong.” I feel that’s not my place, as like, another human, to say someone is wrong or to draw lines and boundaries.”

Consider how that absurd reasoning, especially the not drawing line and boundaries part, bodes ill for a civil society, presently under threat from barabaric enemies. These poor dumb ass college kids would be the first to suffer the deadly consequences of their own non-judgemental ignorance.




  1. I can’t wait to pass this around on my list! I’m so disgusted. This is the example of the crowd that will determine the fate of our Country!
    Aside from the democratic party, the rhinos who go along with them and political correctness, what other destructive forces can we point the finger at which have eroded The United States of America??????
    I think the answer to my question is that if you connect the dots of these 3 destructive forces you will see the “Triangle of Destruction”!

  2. If anybody here has seen Water’s World on Fox, then you know the dumbing down of our kids is just about complete. Mind you, it has taken but a few generations of Progressives’ domination of our educational system, but quite a success none the less.

    Is there ANY wonder home schooled kids, despite the great disdain shown to them by educators and government sorts alike, when it comes to standardized testing, are outscoring their publicly educated counterparts by leaps and bounds?

    When we hear, “all elections are local,” and hear those stressing the importance of every race from school boards on up, this is exactly what they are talking about. Any parent not remaining absolutely vigilant about what their children are being taught in school, are imply not doing their jobs.

    We, as a society, have allowed this to happen…only WE, as a society, can remedy it. Those who wonder if it’s too late should recognize, if nothing is done than it definitely is too late. Learn to be the squeakiest wheel in the room.

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