Super Bowl Sunday – Time to Reflect on Another Typical OBAMA WEEK!!!



Blessed are the young, for they shall inherit the national debt.

~ Herbert Hoover 1874- 1964

California has announced that it is out of cash and needs 3.3 Billion dollars to meet its payroll in MARCH! Democratic Governor Brown’s office  announced that he was looking into (ARE YOU READY FOR THIS ONE ) “a way to BORROW or to POSTPONE payment of their debts.”


In the first 3 years of the Obama Administration, Obama has rung up over a one Trillion dollar deficit IN EACH YEAR!!!

Over 14 million Americans receive food stamps. I know, it was Bush’s involvement as well, but who cares whose fault it is! It paints a depressing picture of the type of society we have have become now.

The CBO estimates that the GDP will be approximately 2-3% for the next several years! The CBO further estimated that unemployment will remain at 8-9 %! Obama’s probable answer – amend Dodd-Frank to stop using initials!

American Airlines needs 18 billion dollars (that’s BILLION!!) to fund it’s present pension liabilities and they only have 6 billion on hand! Sound familiar? Can Illinois, California and NY declare bankruptcy also?

Two of my “favorite” people coincidently announced their marital plans this week: Engaged are 1- Congresswoman Susan Collins, (who changed her vote for Obamacare, insuring it’s passage, after she demanded and received millions of dollars for her own state ) and my all time  favorite, Congressman Barney Frank (if any of you do not know about him, please stop reading my “rants” immediately!!!) We wish them and their spouses well, a happy marriage, and success in any venture, except a return to any government service!!!

Now that I have depressed you enough, Enjoy the game!