The EU Death Knell Giving Way to A Dictatorship


Paris Institute’s John Laughland said that the latest transfer of power in Europe is nothing more than a transfer of power from elected officials to party hacks.

“These are men who have made their entire careers through garnering important appointments in places like the European Commission or European Central Bank. They have no democratic mandate at all,” he argues. “What is so frightening about what is happening now, as the European Union and the euro enter their death agonies, is the way in which the European Union is showing its true nature as a dictatorship.”

The euro is determining the leadership in the individual nations of Europe.

“Papandreou had to leave office the moment he suggested the referendum on the debt package. Berlusconi had to leave office the moment he said that Italians had become poorer under the euro,” Laughland recalls.

Laugland argues that the governments are responsible for the crisis, but there is a co-responsible element, and that is the euro itself. He says that the Greeks and Italians never voted for the common European currency.

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