The Future of America Is At Great Risk


america in distress

Cologne, Germany 2016. Refugees, from a culture where, for some, brutalizing women is nothing more than a mere game, are allowed to flood Germany. The savages among them see nothing wrong with raping and molesting women. In fact, there is a term for this deviant behavior, it is called Taharrush Gamea.

Taharrush Gamea is where a group of men circle a woman and then they proceed to molest, rape and rob her. Hundreds of women in Germany were sexually molested this past New Year’s Eve in this fashion. What did the German government do? They tried to cover it up! You heard me correctly – elected officials tried to cover up a massive assault on their own people while trying to “protect” refugees who clearly don’t belong in a civilized world!

How does Germany want to “rectify” this horrendous situation? Will they deport the rapists and molesters? No, they will establish “women only” cars on public transportation. Why are German women being segregated in their own country? What happens to women if there are not enough seats available on these “women only” trains? Why is Germany caving into these rapists instead of protecting their own people? How long before women are forced to abide by “sharia law” and not the laws of Germany?

If this doesn’t make your skin crawl, think about this for a moment.

Obama wants to bring over tens of thousands of people that could easily include uncivilized “refugees” by the end of this year. He wants them over here to “diversify” our nation. I support anyone coming to America as a legalized citizen as long as they want to assimilate to our culture and have passed a proper screening. I do not want barbarians to have free rein to rape our wives and daughters.

We are a civilized nation and this form of “diversity” is nothing more than “pure madness”.

Everyday I worry more and more about what is the future of America.

We have governors in California and New York “banning” state workers from traveling to North Carolina over a transgender law, which is to not allow men the freedom to use a women’s bathroom, but these same governors support going to Cuba, where the people have been living under a dictatorship for decades.

Black Lives Matter but somehow Blue Lives are the target of the day. Just this week another police officer needlessly lost his life to someone who supports Black Lives but not all lives. Police officers are being gunned down in the streets of America for no other reason than they wear the blue uniform.

The very fabric of America is rapidly eroding away. We no longer have borders, some politicians refuse to acknowledge terrorism is a real threat to America; our debt ceiling is in the trillions; no one defends or follows the Constitution; there are more people on welfare than ever before and we are at risk of losing everything!

Schools are teaching our kids that America is bad! Perhaps we should take them on a school trip to North Korea or Red China. Maybe then they would learn to appreciate what America is really about.

College students are becoming “mentally unstable” and calling 9-1-1 when they see something they deem offensive, like a Vote for Trump sign but they swoon in a heated frenzy over the thought of voting for Communist Bernie Sanders. Who do these kids think are going to pay for all this free stuff the “Bern” is promising them? They think the rich will be taxed! I wonder how they are going to react when they find out they are the ones who are paying off the trillions of dollars in debt the USA owes. Hillary promises to raise the debt by a trillion dollars, if she is elected. Who in their right mind thinks this is a good campaign promise?

Everyday a new tax or more bizarre law is put into place. Just this week, we found out that Obama oversaw passage of a housing rule that you cannot deny a criminal who wants to rent your property. It’s now “unconstitutional” to have rights to your own property!

Here in New York, Governor Cuomo just allocated millions of dollars for a “Community School” program. Tax dollars will be used to foot the bill for winter coats, eye glasses and dental care for students in “underprivileged” areas. Hundreds of thousands of kids going to school on Long Island are entitled to a “free” lunch and breakfast! How are those in charge of our tax dollars making this determination? My school taxes are already 70% of my property tax bill and I wonder how much more am I expected to pay!!

It is my opinion, that America is purposely being destroyed within. The Democrats are the “Democrat Socialists”, the so-called Republicans cave in on every progressive bill, and Obama rules with a phone and a pen. Whatever happened to patriotism and upholding our Constitution?

I used to go to bed at night feeling safe and sound. Now I lie awake at night wondering how the nightmare to “take down America “ will end. How did we go from “give me Liberty or give me death” to giving illegal aliens more rights than American citizens?

America is the greatest nation in the world. Those who used to come to America did so by following the rules and assimilating to our culture and they appreciated having the privilege of living in the land of opportunity. Now they want to speak their own language, practice sharia law, and complain about what is “wrong” with America. Why are those who are leaving an oppressive situation trying to oppress America? It is, as I said before, PURE MADNESS.

We are at a cross roads – to save America or let her die. This upcoming presidential election will determine the future of America. We still have time to stop America from becoming a Socialist nation. We cannot elect Hillary or Bernie. One is Socialist Democrat and the other is almost a Communist. Our ancestors fought against these same type of people to ensure that future generations enjoyed their freedom. Let’s not blow it for the next generation.



  1. At lease WE HAVE GUNS to defend ourselves.
    I have NO idea why, to date,
    Germans don’t at a minimum carry knives
    to defend themselves in the event of such attacks.
    It’s a passive/aggressive mentality over there.

    The bright side of this is that
    they CAN make fun of a bad situation:
    (the book – available in English – is funny, too)

  2. People are too uneducated to realize what is happening to America. A Nation is built on Laws and borders and having one “culture”, one where the people are proud to be apart of that Country.

    America is deliberating being ripped to shreds by the Far-Left. When she is torn apart, the Leftist will take over, and then my friends, these stupid Liberals will realize it will be too late to save themselves against the real horrors of the world.

    Buy more guns and ammo.

  3. Great article, Rosalie!

    Perhaps you should send it to some of our representatives in DC.

    Considering the insulated world they live in, it just may strike a cord with them.

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