The Government Piggies Back At The Trough With Bill HR2411


Our problems are solved. No more arguing about spending and the debt in this country. I just know all the patriotic liberals like Joe Biden are going to jump right in on this new opportunity – bill HR 2411.

Our esteemed representatives have a new bill for us. It’s called HR 2411, otherwise known as `Reduce America’s Debt Now Act of 2011.’ Every American can now volunteer to have money withheld by his/her employer to reduce the public debt.

Talk about throwing good money after bad.

Of course, employers will not be reimbursed for the paperwork as they deduct the money and transfer it to the Treasury. It probably doesn’t matter much since I don’t think there will untold numbers of volunteers.

This is nothing new, a similar law has been on the books since 1961 but this bill is so timely – what with people unemployed and hardly able to afford fuel and all. Read here: HR 2411 – give more to the government


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