Osama bin Laden Is Dead


Update: GE E KIA Geronimo Enemy Killed in Action

The operation ended with the simple message GE E KIA

ABC News

Believed to be hideout of Osama bin Laden


Osama bin Laden is dead and his body was retireved by the U.S. It was treated in accordance with Islamic traditions and then buried in the Sea. DNA confirmed it was his body.

General Petraeus, the CIA, the Navy Seals and our soldiers should be congratulated.

Osama was killed in a mansion near Islamabad in Abbatmabad, where the Times Square bomber came from and at least one other terrorist came from. Two GITMO detainees owned the mansion. The event occurred at 15:30 Sunday and four helicopters were involved. One crashed and was destroyed on the scene. One helicopter crashed in the compound The actual operation was implemented by our Navy Seals. No Americans were hurt.

Osama was hiding in plain site. Read more info: presstelegram

It was a covert ground operation by the CIA. The Pakistanis helped develop the lead but they were not involved in the operation. Info here: ABC and here: living in comfort Computers of Osama bin Laden’s were retirieved.

Obama’s eldest son was likely killed with him. He lived in  a military zone where he felt safe.

As a side note, can you imagine if they had gotten Quaddafi yesterday?

We will have problems with Pakistan and terrorists, but that’s another story.

The brutal kill scene: ABC News

“If you murder 3,000 of our people, we will find you and we will kill you.” The people of the U.S.

Update: Osama was asked to surrender and declined. He tried to resist but was shot in the chest and then the face. 25 special forces, mostly Navy Seals, invaded the compound. Osama bin Laden was killed 25 minutes into the raid. The entire raid took 40 minutes. Al Jazeera is claiming the wife shielded Osama with her body but our Intel says she told the forces it was bin Laden and she was then used as a human shield. Osama’s son and two couriers, and that same wife were killed. The compound had been built with Osama’s money in all likelihood and cost over a million dollars. There was no electronics on the site. Pakistan authorities had to know he lived there. There were three families living there, two were the couriers and the other was said to be an older man who did not have to work and was given great respect, which was a cue to Americans that it was Osama bin Laden. Osama made a tape shortly before his death with the same old tired message. His supporters will rush to promote it. USA Today