This Is the Year of Action, The Year of the Socialist




In this article, I’ve juxtaposed President Obama’s “pen and phone” agenda items as reported by the hill with statements in articles posted on The Center for American Progress (CAP) because CAP has written the blueprint on how Mr. Obama can unconstitutionally circumvent Congress.

Mr. Obama will use his “pen and phone strategy” to ignore Congress and legislate from the White House. At a Cabinet meeting on Tuesday, Obama said he would talk to agency heads about using “all the tools available to us, not just legislation, in order to advance” his policy priorities. [And even those not available to him.]

“Where Congress isn’t acting, I’ll act on my own to put opportunity within reach for anyone who’s willing to work for it,” the president said.

These are some of his agenda items:

First: Mr. Obama is forming a partnership with companies, colleges and the federal government to form a public-private manufacturing institute to produce jobs in communities that have people willing to work and who need help. He calls them “promise zones.”

He’s picking winners and losers, something he has so far been very bad at.

The Center, a socialist think tank, has ideas about this also. They want families of the government’s choosing to have refinanced homes and even be given principal reductions. They want the FHA involved. The FHA will be the new Fannie and Freddie and will secure “affordable mortgages” at investor and taxpayer expense. If purchasers can’t afford it, more help will be given.

Socialists see owning a home as a “right” which everyone else must pay for through redistribution.

Second: Obama met with university presidents and nonprofits on Thursday and is working on ways to improve college enrollment of low-income students.

The Center for American Progress, the Podesta-Soros online propaganda rag, continually complains about the steady erosion of equality in every area. Equality will be achieved when people get what they need irrespective of what they have earned. Their goal is to redistribute the wealth, not just from the rich, but from the middle class.

Their recent recommendation is to first provide an additional $20 billion for Pell Grants between 2018 and 2022 at taxpayer expense.

They want provisional steps for repayment of college loans: Allow students to refinance; allow income-based repayment a default option for federal loans; third, allow the forgiveness of loans in the event of bankruptcy.

Easy college money is causing many of the problems associated with the college bubble. Colleges don’t have to cut back on waste and programs that don’t result in jobs because they can encourage students to simply take out more loans.

Federal loan money is easy money.

The plan is to increase the easy money and then allow for complete forgiveness of those loans or interest payments at the expense of taxpayers. It’s a great vote getter for Democrats.

Third: He will build infrastructure [code for temporary union jobs] and fix our broken immigration system [He will invoke some form of amnesty without Congress.]

The Center for American Progress reported that there are 11.7 million people in the United States illegally, that figure does not include relatives which chain migration, a part of all amnesty plans, will set up. They want legal status for people here illegally now and citizenship in five years.

In five years, 7 to 9 million more people at a minimum will be voting Democratic.

We don’t even know how many people are here illegally and we don’t know what the total number will be once chain migration is implemented. CAP wants to include LGBT couples which would open the door for anyone and everyone to pretend they are an LGBT couple and win legalization.

This is what we are in for and there will be new ideas circulating every day because there is no one to stop them. My hope is the Republicans are biding their time to win the Senate at which time we will see some opposition. There sure isn’t any now.