Thought Police Pounce on Blue Jays Yunel Escobar

Gay Slur?

Yunel Escobar, who does not speak English, plays shortstop for the Blue Jays, and wrote what some say is a derogatory term for gays on his eye-black during Saturday’s game at Rogers Centre.

The word he wrote was Spanish for “fagot.” Literally it means “sissy” or “like Maria” (like a girl). It is widely used in a number of Hispanic countries and, in Spain, gay man affectionately refer to each other as “maricon.”

In other words, it is an insult depending on how it is used.

In this country, decades ago, fagot meant sissy more than it meant homosexual. Now it is only a derogatory term for a gay man. I don’t know how it is taken in his country or what he meant by it nor does anyone else.

He said he meant it to be a joke, the word is meaningless, and he was not aiming it at any specific group or person. It seems hard for us to believe but I can’t read his mind.

He assured people that he has several gay friends and meant nothing against gays.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think he should be sporting that word on his eye-black, but the media is demonizing the man so I want to say something in his behalf.

People were offended by it so with our new Shari’ah law mentality, we didn’t accept Escobar’s excuse, we went right to the press conference and the three game suspension.

The suspension was allegedly because of the poor reflection it had on the character of Major League Baseball. Maybe yes, maybe no, but what a bunch of hypocrites, sorry, but they are. They don’t worry as much about their character when their players get arrested. What ever happened to having some courage and believing your player?

I don’t want to see gays insulted, but if the reaction was more about the thought police infiltrating the Major Leagues then I have problems with this reaction.

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