TPA, TAA Could Be An Invitation to Socialism Under This President


Rep. Gohmert

TPA echoes the greatest cause of free traders – to eliminate barriers to free trade. On that conservatives can agree – it is a worthy cause, however, there are problems. Being against TPA and TAA does not mean one is against free trade.

A number of congressmen said they voted for TPA because it puts limitations on Barack Obama, but there are still problems.

The Daily Signal reported today that:

“It directs trade negotiators to preserve destructive U.S. antidumping laws instead of working to reduce other countries’ antidumping laws, and calls for countries to adhere to international environmental and labor agreements of dubious value. It expresses concern about currency manipulation, a protectionist standby.”

It goes into issues totally unrelated to trade that our constitutional Republic is at odds with.

“It urges respect for “internationally recognized human rights,” which for the United Nations and most countries includes international covenants like the Convention on the Rights of the Child and the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women, neither of which has been ratified by the United States.”

Those are socialist contracts orchestrated by the U.N. dictators and socialists.

TAA which is tied to it and has become a mainstay of these treaties is an admission that trade costs jobs.

Amnesty and Obamacare are not part of the treaty, however, according to The Daily Signal:


“…TPA allows Congress to spell out negotiating objectives, the amount of leeway it gives the president means that who the president is matters. And a president who has pledged to negotiate “the most progressive trade deal the world has ever seen” is clearly interested in ensuring that new deals advance major parts of his progressive agenda, including new multinational labor and environmental regulations and the injection of minimum wage guidelines into trade agreements for the first time in U.S. history.”

This sentiment echoes Rep. Gohmert’s concerns.

Rep. Louis Gohmert spoke to Congress Monday and said TPA and TAA invites “Socialist activity” inviting Government to partner with business. He said a better idea is to pass a bill to help companies, one that doesn’t tax them and brings them in from overseas.

“… Well, appreciated so much comments of my friend, Mr. Russell, neighbor from joining state. He is right. The American people have made clear, they did not want the TPA passed. They certainly don’t want the TAA passed. How ironic that we’re told the TPA passage will create massive number of jobs and yet people that have really looked at it on the Democratic side say ‘Nu-uh, this is going to cost a lot of jobs,’ so we got to have more unemployment benefits, more government help for people that are going to lose their job – which is what the TAA basically does or we can’t vote for the TPA. Well, how ironic. And how also, how ironic that President Obama seems to have worked harder on this bill than he has about anything since ObamaCare?… Came to the baseball game, he is really pushing people to joining. It is rather ironic because it’s just hard to believe that he would be working this hard to limit his own powers. He’s never done that before. He has never worked to limit his own powers. And it also strikes me is a bit interesting that some of the same people that pushed so hard to pass TARP, the Wall Street bailout are also pushing for this…”

Rep. Gohmert said some of the same people who wanted TARP want TPA and TAA and it’s a bad idea. He couldn’t believe that we were giving $700 billion dollars to one person when TARP was approved. He said a bill would have prevented giving that money with essentially no limits to the Secretary of the Treasury. It had seriously damaging effects and allowed Barack Obama to enact much of his agenda. Perhaps Obamacare wouldn’t have passed if Obama didn’t have that money available to him, he conjectured.



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