Guess What Obama Is Doing With Your Tax Money Now!


Iran inspects itself

The Obama administration is getting more and more insane and there’s no better example than in the latest with the Iran deal.

The IAEA said it has “immediate funding needs” that need to be filled through extra-budgetary contributions in order to carry out inspections of Iranian nuclear sites as part of the agreement reached with Tehran last month.

Tehran as you know is going to inspect itself.

IAEA head Yukiya Amano wrote in a letter that he needs a million dollars immediately.

The IAEA had an annual budget of around 350 million euros ($391 million) last year and Director General Yukiya Amano has estimated the new monitoring duties will add costs of about 1 million euros a month.

The U.S. gives them about a $100 million a year plus additional amounts for special concerns.

The United States said on Tuesday it will make sure the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has enough money to report on Iran’s past, present and future nuclear programs.

“The United States is committed to working with all (IAEA) member states to ensure the agency has the resources it needs to verify Iran’s nuclear-related commitments under the (July 14 agreement),” the U.S. mission in Vienna said in a statement.

Former CIA intelligence officer Joshua Katz said we won’t get our money’s worth. Hard working Americans have been set up to fail by the Obama administration.

Source: Yahoo News


  1. We can count on the Obamistas to finance those who will mask the nuclear activities of Iran and issue reports telling us all is well. They did this with North Korea, bribing those peace loving people with more aid than any other nation in Eastern Asia, and we got a nuclear armed mad dog.

    Now Obama is going to allow 150 billion to the worlds greatest sponsor of terrorism and we get the usual lap dogs like Shelly telling us that people who tell the truth wear blinders.

    tell you what Shelly, if you stop lying about the right we’ll stop telling the truth about the Marxists.

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