UN-US Labor Department Team Up to Extort Money from Wendy’s


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This is anti-Capitalism at its finest.

An open borders group of foreigners who pick tomatoes are demanding Wendy’s give a portion of their profits to the so-called starving farm workers. This movement has been going on for some time and is tied to the UN. They are dedicated to hitting up different fast food establishments and supermarkets who use farm foods for a percentage of the profits. It’s a massive extortion enterprise. It always worked for Al Sharpton though it’s unethical and used to be considered illegal.

It’s all being done through The Coalition of Immokalee Workers under a sham program called the Fair Food Program.

The group is a far-left open borders group funded with our tax dollars and it’s only one of many.  Check out the organizations fighting our sovereignty and normal immigration practices: Government Funding of the Left – Discover the Networks

wendy's tomato pickers

The idea is that the businesses make a profit over goods picked by farm hands so they should pay to increase their salaries. Of course the goal isn’t to help these foreigners who pick the fruits and vegetables, in this case, the tomato pickers, it’s to push the Marxist redistribution ideology and agenda.

The group – The Coalition of Immokalee Workers – is organizing a national boycott against Wendy’s.

This labor organization for tomato pickers is kicking off their “month of outrage” against the last holdout, Wendy’s. They are demanding a one-cent per pound wage increase but the idea is to get the Marxist concept in place and move on from there.

The companies that succumbed are giving in to extortion – to mob-style hush money.

Visas already establish wages that the foreigners agreed to and there is no need for this.

This group is tied to the UN Marxists and the leftists in our Labor Department. A UN panel convened in November of last year exposed the partnership between the United Nation’s Working Group on Business and Human Rights, the Business and Human Rights Resource Center, the participating Buyer Compass Group, the US Department of Labor who are all pushing the Fair Food Program and their extortion demands. It took center stage in Geneva because they are dedicated to what will be an inroad into busting Capitalism as they prop up unions.

The program was praised as “inspiring”, “impressive”, and “powerful”.

The sham program is allegedly to give “enslaved” farm workers a “little bit more money” in their paychecks and foreigners are being used to promote it, most are paid non-union wages to protest.

wendy tomato pickers

They are demanding money for tomato growers because Marxists view farmworkers, the foundation of our fresh food industry, as abused and robbed of wages. They say the workers are enslaved, beaten and murdered on a regular basis, which is of course not true.


They are claiming that there is a human cost in our food supply from hiring cheap labor and supermarkets are earning $4 trillion off the backs of these tomato pickers but they fail to mention the very small one to three percent profit margins for supermarkets.

It’s a typical complaint from the left. They claim there is a limited supply of money from which everyone draws and the evil rich are taking more than their fair share.


Marxism can’t grow revenue but Capitalism can. Supply and demand decides the worth of a tomato picker, not the UN and the leftists in our government.

Businesses are caving right and left to this extortion from the far-left.

Media Silence as UN-Marxists Extort Money From US Businesses


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