Undocumented Bernie Supporters Kept Out of DNC Convention by a WALL


4 miles of fencing around DNC

The Democrats won’t let the masses of Bernie supporters into the Convention area and they built a wall to keep them out – a WALL! But they are just people seeking a better life. Besides walls don’t work, do they?

The Democrats built a wall to keep other Democrats out. Oh, such irony.

The “inclusive” Democrats built 8′ walls that are 4 miles long around their convention site overnight!

They even have a wall around the podium but I thought this was supposed to be a borderless world?

More walls! I have a question, did the Bernie supporters pay for it?

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Darrell Delcine
6 years ago

Except, of course, for the Bernie Sanders supporters who kept booing any mention of Hillary Clinton ‘s name. The Republicans were not, it turns out, the only folks dealing with a rebellion on their convention floor. There are Republicans who are planning to vote for the Clinton in the fall, have even canceled their party registrations and donated money to her campaign. But those people have a coherent case, which revolves around not an issue set but the fear that Trump is simply temperamentally unsuited to be president. They do not want their children to spend four years watching him bully his opposition in the manner of a fourth grader.

richard haverty
richard haverty
6 years ago

Democrats are the most disgusting, racist people I have ever seen, they want Bernie supporters to go with Hillary, but keep them out of the convention, I hope these people realize they are considered a joke by the clintons, and your own candidate is a hypocrite sellout, if he was for getting rid of taking money from wall street, and bringing jobs back. He would not have told his supporters to vote for a lieing thief.

Frank S.
Frank S.
6 years ago

Their hypocrisy knows no bounds, although they do, when it serves their best interests, understand the need, as the fence demonstrates, for boundaries.
Trump should have a field day with these images and this story.