United States, Land Without Borders, Home of Multiculturalism


The United States is being sold, not as a sovereign nation with a history, laws and a culture of its own, but as a borderless multi-cultural state for immigrants – legal and illegal – from around the world, and we are buying into it. We’re not a nation, we’re a nation only of immigrants.

It’s not the numbers that are a concern, there’s room for more, it’s whether they are assimilating and can assimilate. Costs are nothing to ignore either since only 42% of those coming are educated according to this same organization.

We are being told there is no difference between illegal immigrants and legal immigrants. The left wants to erase the word “illegal” and they are doing it via PC and accusations of racism.

It’s no longer a privilege to come here. It’s everyone in the world’s civil right to be here if we are to believe Eric Holder.

The statistics show it’s working.

Chuck Johnson of GotNews.com found an interesting statistic – about 50,000 Yemenis are being settled in the U.S. He asked the question, Why are we settling 50,000 from Yemen in the US? The statistic came from the left-wing Migration Policy Institute.

My question is why are we settling so many from the Sudan, Saudi Arabia, and Yemen and do we really need a much higher percentage of immigrants in general as Zuckerberg, Gates, Biden, Bush and so many others insist?

Do the numbers bring us beyond the ability of our country to assimilate them and what about those who come with extreme ideologies that are in direct conflict to ours? Are we facing an eventual collision of cultures?

Between 2000 and 2012, populations of Sudanese have grown 149%, Saudis 149%, and Yemenis 110%.

From the Migration Policy Institute:

Most come from sudan, Saudi Arabia and Yemen

Most of the 9-11 terrorists were Saudis and Yemen is the home of Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula and some of the most dangerous Al Qaeda terrorists.

Inspire Magazine, the Al Qaeda terrorist publication, originated from this group and they have threatened to destroy us from within.

We take them from other dangerous countries as well and we give out asylum without proper vetting according to immigration agents.

From the Migration Policy Institute:

Iraq, Egypt, Lebanon,Syria

A most important question is, are they assimilating and have they been properly vetted? Should we be taking in so many people whose values will collide with ours?

We take them in from communist countries which is no less a threat. China is one and the rising star in the immigration lottery is Cuba.

Largest immigrant groups Most come from sudan, Saudi Arabia and Yemen

This is where the unauthorized – and mostly leftists – live – Texas, a red state, is in the top three followed by Florida, once a deep red and now a purple state.

where illegals live

We now have 40 million immigrants, legal and illegal in the country in a country of 316 million. Over the next few decades, they will be a much larger share of the population because of their views on propagation.

This is where immigrants, legal and illegal, live with the high population states bulging at the seams. They are the states that decide our presidential elections.

Immigrant share by state

That number will grow exponentially and out of proportion because they tend to have large families, particularly Yemenis and Saudis who keep their women barefoot and pregnant.

Chuck Johnson at GotNews published this chart from 2001. It’s old and the explosion projection of Yemenis would probably be worse if revised.

Yemeni explosion

Maybe it will all work out and we will get to keep our sovereignty, our Constitution – especially our Bill of Rights, our identity and then again, maybe not.


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