Wikileaks: This Is What the DNC Really Thinks About Latinos



Wikileaks hacked into the DNC and found this gem which shows what the Democrats really think of Latinos. They don’t care about them, just their vote. They’re interested in their “brand” and their permanent vote.

Latinos should be on the side of Republicans because their values are much more in sync but Democrats have them convinced the Republicans are all racist because they don’t want open borders. They want to own the “hispanic loyalty” and “convert states”.

Maybe minorities should read this also.


  1. Hillary talking with a Black accent.

    Hillary says a Spanish word to con Hispanics to vote.

    Hillary insults Mormons by pandering to them..and anyone else she can con…
    Hillary Clinton Panders To Fundamentalist Mormons – YouTube
    Video for hillary panders to mormons spoof▶ 5:50

    Hillary fakes accents to get votes. Just pathetic. What a con artist. Mentally ill.

    Democrats call Latinos “NEEDY” Hillary panders to them as if they’re IDIOTS

    PHONY Clinton tries to get Mexican vote!

  2. Inner cities under Democrat control for years are failing because of the Republicans! What? Obama and the Democrats have ripped apart the black family unit since the 1960’s. Children with no fathers other than someone that is referred to as their baby’s daddy. That term actually makes my skin crawl! Republicans want to uplift everyone by promoting jobs and less taxes. Time to give Trump a try, after all, we have nothing to lose! America is at stake and Hillary will certainly appoint the next supreme court justice that will take away our gun rights! Please forget all the other stuff and concentrate on the BIGGER PICTURE. We, The PEOPLE, rule America not I, Hillary Clinton.

  3. This is my take on this situation is the Democrats are using the Black and Hispanics vote to get her in to white house .This simple take a ride around your neighborhood once that has had jobs. Now look no jobs and this happened in Obama terms. I remember him promising us all jobs remember the terminology he used a ship or a boat at the dock building up stream and the boat will get there and we will all have jobs. I think that boat sunk at the dock. He said that aleast 4 years ago. So I suggest you need to really to look around you and find out if living this way is worth having Hillary in office to have things the same or maybe worst because she said nothing is going to change. Then the other choice is going for something different that could happen with Trump. You maybe could have jobs to feed your families . Maybe go on vacations with your families. But there are people out there are happy living off food stamps and hand outs but I’m here to tell you that can’t keep going because the money will out and then where will you be . Living on the streets because everyone will be right beside . No food no clean water. This is what Democrats want . Unless you are rich . That’s all I got.

  4. You have to be F….ing kidding. your problem is that Demaocrats had found a way to “empower Hispanics 18+ to register and vote” is a problem? “develop a relationship of trust and inclusion” is a problem.

    • They are going to do to Hispanics what they did to blacks -turn them into Marxists and provide bad education in bad areas. Have you noticed how many black youth can’t get jobs and end up in gangs? I don’t want that fate for Hispanics.

  5. #Latino tend to be predominantly #Catholic, which also tends to represent members of the Supreme Court. Latino/Catholism I might add is disintegrating international funding, diseases, pandemics arising from interference with these primitive cultures. #DNCLeaks

  6. This “Getting Out the Latino Vote in 2016 and Beyond” email reminds me of one of this Lyndon Johnson quote: Democrat President Lyndon Baines Johnson stated, “I’ll have those n…s voting Democratic for the next 200 years” as he confided with two like-minded governors on Air Force One regarding his underlying intentions for the “Great Society” programs.

    There is another DNC Leak email were they are clearly referring to the Hispanics as the taco bowl engagement they would like to mop up, check it out:

  7. I’m a Latino and I was voting for TRUMP, guess what I’m still voting for TRUMP. I no longer believe what the democratic party says. ##neverhillary

  8. This says nothing derogatory about Hispanics. It is about how to bring in votes. Every category is a demographic. there is talk about how Hillary can syphon off some of the uneducated White male voters that are so keen on Trump. Does the campaign or DNC “hate them”? Or not plan on doing anything for them? NO. Hillary has outlined in detail what she plans on doing for EVERYONE from day one of getting into office and this is a campaign of inclusion. This is nothing but a distraction meant to create chaos and prevent Dem unity. DON’T buy in…Bernie isn’t.

        • As a Hispanic, I don’t want my people to end up in the voting plantation like blacks. No jobs and complete government dependence. I want my children to be independent, free, and wealthy. I would never vote Democrat. They are not what America is about. They are not why my parents came here.

          • I wish Republicans would make more of an effort to reach Hispanics. In the future, Hispanics will be the majority population and all our futures rest on what Hispanics do.

    • So that she mishandled government emails marked classified, endangering Americans domestically and abroad, was flippant about the brutal rape of a child, referred to black men as super predators, the death of Benghazi diplomats was “no big deal”, and has more gates behind her than 10 prisons means nothing so long as your group gets what it wants. Disgusting. Foolish. Misguided.

    • Yeah, Bernie totally supports the DNC. Liberals say some really stupid things.

      No matter how much you are lied to, no matter how many times liberal policies not only fail, but actually hurt those they purport to help, no matter the utter rejection of morals and values of the left, you continue to offer your support. Are you just unwilling to admit that you are wrong or are you just that stupid?

      • It’s funny the Republican has always supported the African American being considered EQUAL. The color difference has always been a dnc platform. Color does not determine worth. DNC calls racist simply for divisiveness. I heard the DNC claim they freed the slaves which is so false. Check your history, the Republican Party was born to END slavery and limit government interference into the family unit. DNC WANTS TO POLICE EVERYTHING so they can CONTROL people.

    • If you believe that You obviously haven’t done any research into her policies, research your candidates, it’s not hard to see Hillary doesn’t care one bit about you and she plans to murder the middle class financially, look it up it plain to see.

  9. Bullcrap I’m Hispanic and the words you forgot to mention is “inclusive” and “relationships” trying to c Sandovalreate division only exposes you as a bigot.

    • You’re just a vote to them and once they have you under their control, you will get the same treatment the blacks got. They want to exploit Hispanics and use of the words “inclusive” and “relationships” is purely for manipulation.

      Don’t you see what they are doing? Turning all key states blue means we have one party and we will all be socialists.

      The whole bigot thing doesn’t work any more by the way.

      • What a joke, bigotry is still live and well! Republicans want to win Hispanic votes only so they can continue to use the system in their favor exploiting the poor by paying low wages and finding ways to pay little to no taxes.

        • You can’t be serious? You believe that? Corporations that pay low wages are Hillary’s peeps. My landscapers are Hispanic and they get the same money everyone else gets.

          You’ve been fed a load of horsefeathers.

          Dems want you in the ghettos and they will do to you what they do to blacks. Since Hispanics will be the majority in the future, all of our futures hang on yours. Get informed!

        • As fellow Latin I can honestly say your clueless ….. The DNC don’t care one bit about you your just a means to an end

        • Look at the cities that have predominantly Democrats in leadership, Detroit, Chicago, Buffalo, Cincinnati etc they are the poorest cities with some of the highest crime rates. Republicans want everyone to flourish because that means stronger economies and less crime.

          Democrats want to give you the fish while Republicans want to teach you to fish. Democrats don’t want anyone to do well because then they won’t have to depend on Social programs.

          Take a look at theses, it is Democrat idealogy that exploits the poor

        • Unlike you! You try to pay as much taxes as you possibly can! You cant pay eough, right? Your hillary left my military brothers to die! Unforgivable!

        • You’re not an independent. The Democrat party only wants illegal here so they can give them amnesty to vote Democrat. I know you can’t believe this. You think only Republicans run businesses and huge companies? Look at PAla Alto? You’ve got to much hate. I think your liberal. Please open your eyes. I refuse to call some one dumb but please look into this.. Look how Democrats only care about blacks during election. If you ever own your own business you’ll be Republican probably.

        • You must be confused. The only time there is anything done for any minority is when the Republicans are in the drivers seat. I am sure you are not referring to Obama and Hillary, because once they get your vote you will be in the same shit can as the blacks. Sure you Latinos will do any jobs and I applaud you for it, but you will still be doing those menial jobs and getting less pay and paying unheard of premiums for health insurance if you continue to vote for Democrats. Read some history about them it will open your eyes. Don’t let them get away with continuing the same old same old.

        • No job because business has to close their doors is no wage at all! If they are able to keep their doors open but cut hours, that is only half a wage. You do the math! We need to keep government small and out of our wallets!

        • Pedro, apparently you have been in a coma! No political party has done more for Hispanics and Blacks than the are publican party. Read about the 14th, 15th and 18th amendments.
          I await your response stating “FACT” about what the Democrats have done for our people. I was a Democrat for over 40 years until I educated my sef on party platforms.
          In this recent election they have referred to Mexicans as “Taco Bowl and needy” Is tat what you appreciate about your misguided part?


      • If I was Latino, I would be voting for the candidate who was more likely to allow for conditions that best support me in getting a job so I could feed my family. This candidate has also not promised to make Mexico pay for an imaginary wall that’s now going to be 10 feet taller than it was before Mexico said they would not pay for it. Go Johnson!

        • You,still don’t get it. Your own party thinks you are stupid, they keep lying to you and you keep believing it. you didn’t get to keep your doctor, the economy is doing great, Islam is the religion of peace, I could go on all night. They lied to you then and they are lying to you now. Save America, vote Trump.

        • Truth is, as history continues to repeat itself. The larger our government gets and TAKES more tax money, it doesn’t go to the poor. It makes the people in government rich. Their salaries and lobby interest funding would go soooo far to put jobs out there that would enable people to feed their families. I don’t care which ‘side’ you are on, we need someone to reign in govt spending. Right now Trump is the only one that gets it. Yeah his mouth is not polished like Clintons but she has had 49 years to perfect telling people what they want to hear but her record alone tells you we are in trouble. I’m all for a woman president, but not this woman.

      • Trump cannot find himself a job. Talk less your family. ..he IS an unemployed failed wannabe billionaire fraudulent business man parading himself as a business man..

        • Patrick you sound like the neighborhood idiot? Please do some reading that is non liberal about Trump? You sound like CNN. I actually find you to be rather weak. I can understand if you don’t like where he stands. The guy worth 6 billion dollars. he’s been in the public eye thirty years and now he’s running against Democrats and he racist and not that rich. Are you sure you’re not a liberal? I mean Hillary was broke leaving the WH and Nows worth 160 Million. She cares about you and your job. yea right.

        • are you a troll, because any sane human being wouldn’t make those claims about Trump. He is not a failed business man. Only the democrats call him that. How much are you being paid to spew those lies. It cannot be enough to sell your soul to the devil and the democrats are the devil. Wake up.

    • The “long term relationship” refers to Hispanics voting for Democrats over the long haul. You are a vote, nothing more

    • Hahahahahaha, you still can’t see how they are using/ manipulating us just for votes smh. Makes sense I guess cause How can An you see when you got these

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