Yay! Republican George Demos Extolled by Obama-Bishop Supporters on Long Island


One Republican candidate for congress – George Demos – who is running for CD-1 a sixth time – has received a big endorsement from a far-left ObamaCare-loving, Bishop-loving local newspaper, The Smithtown News. They supported Tim Bishop six times and Barack Obama twice. The Smithtown News fully supports the Obama agenda, the Bishop agenda, and ObamaCare and they fully support George Demos.

They said endorsing George Demos might be “confusing” since Demos is opposed to ObamaCare.

Ya think?

The paper gleefully bought into the Demos lie that Zeldin voted for ObamaCare and they further claim they can’t support Zeldin because he wasn’t  true to his word on ObamaCare.

Would anyone believe that? Anyone?

Zeldin did NOT vote for ObamaCare. No Republican in New York voted for ObamaCare, even the RINOs. We have a king in Andrew Cuomo who put the exchanges in by executive order.

Is there anyone on Long Island who believes the paper’s goal isn’t to see Bishop win? Anyone?

Demos is a weak candidate whose platform relies almost entirely on lies about his primary opponent, State Senator Lee Zeldin, a U.S. Army Major, a paratrooper who served his country in Iraq in Operation Iraqi Freedom.

If Demos were to win the primary by some fluke, it would mean a certain win for the incumbent Tim Bishop.

Demos handed out a flyer at a meet-and-greet last week that actually said “the largest hospital on Long Island, University Hospital in Stony Brook, which is a state institution, refused to accept any of the state’s ObamaCare exchanges.” That’s not true. They accept ObamaCare exchanges and have from the beginning. Hello! It’s a government hospital!

Demos doesn’t know anything.

Demos ripped into the Republican establishment for voting for ObamaCare in his flyer. They DIDN’T VOTE FOR OBAMACARE.

Demos has endorsements from Rudy Guiliani and George Pataki and even those are ridiculous. Both men are intimately tied to InField Consulting. Their friends – former aides – own the firm and they in turn give endorsements to candidates who hire the firm. George Demos hired them and gives thousands to them each month.

Demos wants to win by buying the election. He is rarely seen. He does not appear at events. He is completely unavailable to the public.

What kind of candidate hides his campaign office? At least he did until recently when he finally posted the address on his Facebook page. He wrote “If you’d like to volunteer, please come by our headquarters at 2780 Middle Country Road – Lake Grove, or call us at 631-285-3899.” However, unless you are in the club, you’re not getting anywhere near that office. They won’t even let you walk on the sidewalk in front of the office. The place is shuttered. The blinds are pulled tight and the door has been painted so no one can see in.

Check out the video:

I don’t know anyone who votes based on endorsements anyway, but his endorsement from far-left Democrats who love ObamaCare does make one’s hair stand on end.

A good example of how Demos twists the truth can be seen in his spiel on Common Core. In a flyer sent to my home, it warned that Zeldin supports Common Core and wouldn’t support an anti-Common Core bill. The fact is that Zeldin has his own anti-Core bill in the senate!

He blames Senator Zeldin for anything and everything – even taxing baby formula. It’s nuts and his ads come courtesy his far-left Pelosi-loving relatives and friends and others. They fund SuperPacs dedicated to attacking Senator Zeldin with lies. They use Alinsky-style tactics.

Demos comes into the race every two years to destroy the chances of Republicans though he doesn’t live here except when he runs. Known as a Pelosi-Republican, his father-in-law has been in business with Nancy Pelosi’s husband and funds his son-in-law’s race. Demos’ sister-in-law is now an ambassador to Hungary because she raised so much money for Obama. Word has it that the Pelosis were at his wedding but his wedding photos are well-secreted and we can’t verify that.

You can read all about George Demos on this link.

Demos is the only Pelosi-Republican ever to run for higher office on Long Island.

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