The six women jury found George Zimmerman not guilty of Second Degree Murder and Manslaughter.

A guilty verdict would have put the definition of self-defense in jeopardy in this country.

Angela Corey, the US states attorney tried to again make the case for Second Degree Murder after the verdict came in, having to know this will rile some people up. She is herself now indicted for withholding exculpatory information to get the indictment against George Zimmerman in the first place. She’s a piece of work.

Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson asked for peace and calm. Jackson said that violence would turn the sympathy towards Zimmerman instead of Martin. Sharpton is talking about a civil suit against Zimmerman.

It is sad that a 17-year old is dead. No verdict can be cause for joy, however, the case was never a case. Justice won out. There was no evidence proving Zimmerman was guilty of anything other than self- defense.

The media put Zimmerman on trial and found him guilty without any evidence. They altered the 911 tape, clouded the photos of his wounds, and accused him of making racial slurs he never made.

The defense statements were excellent. They talked about the travesty of prosecutors persecuting Zimmerman without evidence and of the media deceiving the public in this case.

The Martin family lawyer, Ben Crump, made it into a case of racial injustice.

After the verdict, NY Giants WR Victor Cruz sent this lovely message:



He has since deleted it. Good idea! Would have been better if he never sent it!


An AP reporter – AP reporters are supposed to be neutral – said the following:

So we can all kill teenagers now? Just checking

— Cristina Silva (@cristymsilva) July 14, 2013

She’s a real bright light!