PAC Hack Obama Politicizes Bush Event



President Obama sold himself as the non-politician when he ran for office in 2007. He was not a DC insider. He was going to change the way Washington operates.

President Obama’s speech at the dedication of the George W. Bush Presidential Library in Dallas, Texas Thursday morning seemed to prove the opposite.

President Obama politicized the event by making his pitch for immigration reform:

Seven years ago, President Bush restarted an important conversation by speaking with the American people about our history as a nation of laws and a nation of immigrants.  And even though comprehensive immigration reform has taken a little longer than any of us expected, I am hopeful that this year, with the help of Speaker Boehner and some of the senators and members of Congress who are here today, that we bring it home — for our families, and our economy, and our security, and for this incredible country that we love.  And if we do that, it will be in large part thanks to the hard work of President George W. Bush.

The man who was supposed to be a man of the people is pretty much a PAC hack.

He never stops campaigning and he never lets a good crisis go to waste.

The latest Gallup poll has George W. Bush’s approval rating edging up to 50%, the same as Obama’s. President Obama’s approval rating went back up to 50% last week. President Obama’s constant attacks on George W. might not be working any longer – we can only hope.

People seem to think he did well during the Boston bombings – his approval ratings jumped on the 19th – 21st.  I don’t know why. Maybe  President Obama gave great speeches. I don’t know. I couldn’t listen to him. I think he is making us less safe.