Arms Trade Treaty Passes – Disarming the World


UN Sculpture

Unelected bureaucrats in the UN voted to approve the Arms Trade Treaty today. It now heads for the General Assembly for passage. The goal of this treaty from the UN perspective is global disarmament.

Fewer than one-third of the member nations voted to approve the Arms Trade Treaty today Tuesday. The treaty ties weapons exports, including conventional weapons, to possible human rights threats. It requires countries to keep conventional weapons from entering the black market.

The US voted for the treaty but it will have to be ratified by a 2/3rds majority of the Senate once the UN General Assembly votes for it.

With or without U.S. ratification, as soon as 50 countries approve the treaty it will become international law.

US arms dealers could be subject to lawsuits and harsh criticism. There will be the possible threats from the International Court. The treaty uses a “knowledge” standard which means the country must assess whether the weapons they sell will be used to commit human rights violations before it sells conventional arms.

Article 11 refers to “end users”—individual firearm owners. This article will increase pressure on the US to include small arms in their formal register, a clause that Barack Obama will take full advantage of. Nations call still sell arms unless there is an “overriding” risk of human rights violations, which will be taken advantage of by terrorist nations.

One loophole in the treaty allows nations to ignore the treaty if they have a defense agreement with another nation. The countries who should follow the treaty have an easy-out.

Iran, Syria, North Korea voted against it. Major arms producers China and Russia joined Cuba, Bolivia, Nicaragua and other countries in abstaining We can expect these countries to not abide by the treaty.

If nothing else, this treaty will cost money as the UN tries to regulate the world arms trade.

The treaty states that there is a need to reduce sale of arms to terrorists but defines terrorist as anyone who rebels against a dictatorship!

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