Benghazi Is an Obsession and Leave Susan Rice Alone You Racists – Latest Videos


I must be a racist. I don’t think all blacks are perfect.

I don’t think all whites are perfect either. I think most blacks and whites are good people. The same goes for Muslims, Native-Americans, Asians, gays, heterosexuals, Jews, Catholics and anyone else I left out.

People cannot be judged according to the color of their skin, their religion, or their sexual persuasion and to think otherwise is an absolutely insane idea. People can be judged by their character and they must be held accountable for their actions.

I believe in Martin Luther King Jr’s philosophy expressed so well in this quote, “The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and conveniences, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.”

That is my lead into Benghazi. The Obama administration decided to take the easy way out rather than face the tough questions as the presidential re-election campaign was under way. The Benghazi terror attack was reduced to politics.

Jay Carney spoke to the news corp today and said that people asking for answers on Benghazi are obsessed. He also said that all the answers have been given when, in actuality, none of the answers have been given. Maybe I should say many divergent accounts have been given and I suppose we are to pick one that we like.

Four men are dead! Two were given almost no security and two appear to have been left behind.

Before I update you on today’s cover up, let us quickly review a little history.

On This Week, as well as on four other Sunday news shows, five days after the Benghazi attack, Ambassador Rice declared that the attack was caused by a protest over a moronic video almost no one had seen.

At that time, we were later to discover, the administration knew clearly within 24 hours at the latest that there was no protest on 9/11 before the attack.

To paraphrase Susan Rice during her appearances on that Sunday, September 16th, she said that our best assessment, with our available intelligence, is that it was a spontaneous protest in response to very offensive video in Cairo but then the attack was hijacked by some individual clusters of extremists with accessible heavier weapons, Rice said. [Far-fetched to say the least]

Unbelievably, she said there was substantial security presence at the consulate when there was almost none. She also said the two Navy SEALs who died were providing security when they were not. They were employees of a private security firm and had nothing to do with the Ambassador’s security.

In fact, the truth is that the consulate officials had been begging for help and, instead, their help was reduced to almost nothing.

The attack was definitely the result of the disgusting video she affirmed more than once on the shows.

She made it clear that she believes the mid-East nations are not anti-American and we are quite popular in Libya. [Obviously, we are very popular]

She referred to the terrorists as “mobsters,” not “terrorists,” “mobsters.”

We still do not know why the consulate had almost no security nor do we know why we didn’t even try to help them while they were under attack. No man should ever be left behind.

Senators Ayotte, McCain and Graham met with Susan Rice today at her request. They came out of the meeting more disturbed than when they went in. A very concerning development.

Today, Charles Krauthammer explained his theory as to why the administration lied and covered up the Benghazi murders:

The acting Director of the CIA told the Senators that it was the FBI that changed the talking points so as to not hurt an ongoing investigation. On this same day, the CIA came out and said he misspoke. Last week, Clapper’s office was responsible but now we are back to not knowing who is responsible.

This story continually changes though twice in one day is unusual even for this administrtion.

We have been told it was the fault of intelligence. Hillary Clinton took some blame. Defense, State and the CIA pointed the fingers at each other. The CIA took the blame and then didn’t take the blame – it depended on who was speaking at the moment. Then it went to Clapper’s office, then the FBI and now we are in nowheresville.

As Senatory Ayotte said today, the idea that Susan Rice, who is privy to the top intelligence, would only stick to unclassified talking points is unbelievable.

Susan Rice had to have known the truth.

Liz Cheney’s response:

Senator Kyl is tired of the cover up and tired of the FBI pretending they are in the middle of an investigation and can’t reveal details [There was no investigation. The FBI spent 5 hours at the consulate and didn’t get to the consulate until 24 days after the attack.]

Ambassador John Bolton’s observations: