Big Brother Bans Drug Tests for Food Stamp Recipients


Gov Nathan Deal

Gov. Nathan Deal

h/t Gary Spina

The federal government has advised the state of Georgia that they cannot mandate drug tests for food stamp recipients.

We have to make sure the drug users have enough food to eat healthy as they consume drugs.

Gov. Nathan Deal signed a bill into law in April mandating drug tests for food stamp recipients. The USDA informed Georgia Department of Human Services that they cannot add eligibility requirements under the law.

If there wasn’t a rule banning it, they would have invented one. States can’t fight the feds.

The states administer the food stamp program which is a federal program.

Last year, Republicans in Congress tried but failed to give states the power to screen SNAP applicants. Democrats say that there is no evidence food stamp recipients are drug abusers but they won’t let anyone get the evidence to find out.

The law allowed for a transfer of the benefit to other adults so the children could get food.