Big Government USA Is Probably Here to Stay


With all the failing statist nations around us and with the United States as the last bastion of freedom, why are we hastening to be just like them? Big Government is permanently interwoven into the fabric of America and will do what it was created to do – grow.

Agencies make laws, the Supreme Court makes laws and Obama is writing many of the laws from the White house. Congress has little power and in some cases, such as with the Corker bill, they help destroy their own power. They have not taken the steps necessary to stop any of Obama’s Socialist programs. Republicans are always waiting for the next election and now it is probably too late.

Common Core Standards are becoming deeply embedded in schools. Teachers and administrators have made them a part of their teaching. Once the SATs adopted them, there was no turning back. Tests have been tied to them which in essence nationalizes education and puts the Department of Education in a far more powerful role than local districts who have little say over what they teach. Teachers must teach to the tests under this new model.

Having Standards aren’t the problem, but what is being done with them is a problem. Tying teacher performance to them is not working and some of the curricula material is handled from a political left point of view. Instruction has been politicized.

Obamacare is engrained in the system and special interests who helped write it have invested billions in it. Big monied interests won’t let it go.

The enrollment is down and only 9.9 million were enrolled and paid at least the first month. More than 300,000 denials were because of failure to prove immigration status. The next move will be to give illegal immigrants Obamacare as they have in California.

The government had been expecting, nationally, between 10.3 million and 10.4 million paying customers for private coverage made possible by the Affordable Care Act.

Premiums are up and will continue to skyrocket but they can stiffen the rationing and wage and price controls.

The failures of the program won’t stop it, rather they will lead to single payer, a Socialist medical system that has always been inferior to that of the United States.

Dodd-Frank was supposed to “lift our economy.” The statute itself declared that it would “end too big to fail” and “promote financial stability.” It was written by Chris Dodd who engaged in corrupt practices with Countrywide and evaded taxes on private real estate he owned and Barney Frank who bullied banks into giving loans to people who couldn’t afford them which ended up being one of the causes of the 2007 economic crash.

After five years, it has forced small banks out of business, too-big-to-fail are doing fine, big banks are bigger, the financial system is weaker and the economy is muddling along at an unspectacular rate.

The bill handled the crisis as if it was deregulation that caused the problem, when it was bad regulation.

The bill’s Volcker rule banning proprietary trading by banks, and other postcrisis regulatory mandates, has drastically reduced liquidity for making markets in fixed-income assets. It has led to more instability in the market.

It gives bureaucrats control over huge swaths of the economy. The director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, a rogue, unaccountable agency created by Dodd-Frank, can declare any consumer-credit product “unfair” or “abusive” and outlaw it. Their funding from the taxpayers is limitless and not subject to congressional appropriations.

Illegal immigration and the upcoming potential influx of refugees has turned normal immigration into an invasion. Religious groups and the U.N. are demanding we take in 100,000 Syrian refugees even though they can’t be vetted. Democrats are demanding 65,000 to start.

The excuse of not having a new immigration law as a reason to violate the laws we have has worked. Barack Obama remains basically untouched by his lawless behavior and the wave of unapproved immigrants continues. On Wednesday, Brandon Judd, president of the National Border Patrol Council said we’d be lucky if 40% of our border is secure. Then there are the visa jumpers we do not pursue which make up 40% of the illegal immigrants.

We have no real idea how many illegal immigrants are in the country but they are changing our culture, our laws and our traditions.

The exaggerated science of climate change is consuming billions of dollars we don’t have and has permeated every government agency and is promoted in every part of our culture. The goal is to destroy fossil fuels. There is no way to know if man is the cause of climate changing, something climate has done since time immemorial, and there is no way to know if we can change it. The climate change agenda, based on computer models alone, models that have been wrong time and again, will have less than a 0.01% effect while destroying our standard of living and seriously damaging our property rights.

The Iran deal is obviously a disaster, yet it cannot be stopped. It is already international law and Obama can put most of it in place with executive orders. Iran promises to destroy Israel and the U.S. while on the path to becoming a nuclear nation with ICBMs and they will soon have $150 billion to do it. The deal doesn’t even prevent them from outsourcing nuclear weapons development.

Bob Corker and his Corker-Cardin bill helped make the Iran deal a congressionally supported agreement by changing  ratification to a 67-vote-threshold for denial, as opposed to a customary 67 vote threshold for passage. He also destroyed the treaty powers of the U.S. Senate.

The “Bush Tax Cuts” removed tax liability from the bottom 20% to 40% of income earners completely. The entirety of tax burden now rests on the upper 60% wage earners.  Currently, thanks to those cuts, 49% of tax filers pay no federal income tax and they have no stake in excessive taxation. In 2009, Obama lowered the income threshold for economic subsidy (welfare, food stamps, ebt, medicaid, etc). We are a welfare nation.

Where is our balanced budget and the Congress that will stop the unbridled, wasteful spending? Obama will not accept a budget that increases funding for our national security without providing matching increases in funding for our economic security (welfare and socialist programs). Our military is depleted. The Republicans won’t use the power of the purse to stop him.

Republicans are too busy fighting with 25% of their base and working on defeating them in elections, to really fight Barack Obama and his statist agenda.

Mitch McConnell is a tool of the Chamber of Commerce and John Boehner is not far behind.

If there is a candidate out there who could change this as president, it has to be one that is at least saying he will change it and has a plan to do it. It will take a radical change agent.