Bloomberg – As Long As They Don’t Violate the Law, They Can Stay


Weapons were found during the cleanup at Zuccotti Park in New York.

According to Fox, gardeners employed by the park owners, Brookfield Properties, to clean up the mess made by occupiers during their two-month stay, discovered various knives, including a large kitchen knife and other potential instruments of violence in flower beds throughout the public space, according to officials. Brookfield has the weapons. Soros is a large stockholder in Brookfield and Bloomberg’s squeeze, Linda Taylor, sits on its Board.

In addition, makeshift weapons were found, such as cardboard pipes with metal tubes in them.

Also found on the roadway, were hypodermic needles, knives, and mace.

Bloomberg allowed the “protesters” to stay in Zuccotti as long as they weren’t committing any crimes. A recent court motion shows they have been committing crimes, and it states, “approximately 73 misdemeanor and felony complaints and 50 arrests,” have occurred, and a number of repeat and violent offenders were spotted in and around the park. Weapons found