Britain’s New Labour Leader Greatly Admires Hugo Chavez – Scared Yet?


commie Corbyn

The Brits have come a long way from Margaret Thatcher.

There’s a new leader in town comrades and he thinks very highly of Hugo Chavez because of all he has done for Venezuela.

Comrade Jeremy Corbyn is the new leader of the Labour Party and he tweeted his admiration for Hugo Chavez on Wednesday but has since taken it down.


Read about Venezuela on this link.

Like Bernie Sanders, he describes himself with the euphemistic label Democratic Socialist but he’s a hardcore radical.

The 66-year old radical socialist has spent his entire career of more than three decades as a hardcore leftist in the House of Commons. Last week, he became the leader of the Opposition party, stunning Labour MPs.

The populist spewer of leftist nonsense will shake things up some say. Still others say he won’t last long.

Corbyn doesn’t have new ideas as some say hopefully. He’s in the time warp of backward unionism and excessive spending. Like the left in this country, he takes real problems and finds bad solutions for them. If there is a housing problem, he enacts rent control. He wants to scrap university tuition and invent a peoples’ QE.

He advocates for the renationalisation of public utilities and of the railways, combatting corporate tax evasion and avoidance as an alternative to the government’s austerity programme, a unilateral policy of nuclear disarmament, and reversing cuts to public sector and welfare funding made since 2010. He is a member of the Socialist Campaign Group, the Palestine Solidarity Campaign, Amnesty International and the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND), and is the National Chair of the Stop the War Coalition.

His admiration for Hugo Chavez says a lot. Chavez ruined his country’s economy and gutted democracy.

Corbyn launches attacks against the invasion of the Ukraine but they are centered on NATO, not Putin. He’s anti-American, anti-Israel, anti-EU though he has no plans to leave it – just change it, anti free market and thinks China is too engaged in a free market despite the fact that China’s government controls the economy and it’s not free at all.

Oh, and he wants lots of refugees.

There was a kerfuffle over his not singing the National Anthem at a memorial service but he now says he will sing it in the future. No word on whether or not he will kneel before the Queen.



  1. He isn’t Britain’s ‘leader’ he is the leader of the discredited Labour party, a party that has more chance of winning the national Lottery twice in one week than ever being elected to govern the UK again.

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