Common Core Lies About 9/11


rotten to the core

Left-leaning curricular that is aligned with the Common Core is springing up in a number of areas of the country.

One Core-aligned curricula has a film about 9/11. The film is fine but the suggested information sheet is problematic. One parent claimed that his third grader was shown the film and the parent became concerned when he saw the information sheet.

The sheet states that the terrorists were part of a ‘fringe’ movement that is disapproved of by nearly every Muslim scholar; terrorism goes against Islam’s most sacred beliefs; and even the president of Iran [Ahmadinejad] – a ‘nation that has had a rocky relationship with the United States – criticized the attacks and expressed sympathy for the victims.’ 

Only the most naive and ill-informed would believe and repeat Ahmadinejad’s hollow statement.

Ahmadienjad is a Truther. He said 9/11 was a ‘big lie’ and a ‘mystery.’ He claimed the US wanted to use it as an excuse to conquer the mid-East and he said it before the UN.

The next statement from the sheet is particularly concerning:

Nevertheless, after 9/11 many Muslims were victimized by ignorant people who blamed them for al Qaeda actions. Sadly, Muslim houses of worship called mosques were vandalized, religious services were disrupted, and ordinary folks were verbally or physically threatened on city streets.

Attacks on Muslims based on religion or anything else are awful and this is an important discussion to have but not in the context of drawing moral equivalence between an act of war on US soil and acts of vandalism and verbal abuse.

Click the links above and see what you think.

After 9/11, attacks on Muslims increased 1700% according to the FBI, a truly alarming and unacceptable statistic. However, the number is misleading and it has steadily plummeted.

Since 9/11, the number of hate crimes against Muslims has dropped from 500 to about 115 a year according to IBD. Hate crimes against Jews average almost 1,000 a year in comparison.

The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), a Progressive extremist organization, and the Soros-Podesta group – Think Progress – continually release false statistics that are often triple the FBI figures. Anyone who says these organizations are wrong is labeled an Islamaphobe and a hate group by the SPLC.

The fact is that many of the reported cases were not based on religion – only 2.4% were. Muslims are in fact the least affected of the protected groups with far more incidents against Jews, blacks, Hispanics, and homosexuals. Hate crimes against whites are high also but they are not a protected class.

The other reality is the radical Islamic threat comes from millions of ‘fringe’ people. It’s a lot of people, not a ‘few’ as the information sheet suggests.

In a 2010 Pew Poll, a high number of Muslims polled said they supported suicide bombings of innocents:


That’s a lot of ‘fringe’ people who support suicide bombings for ideological reasons. For example, in Egypt, it would mean 16 million people.

People will try to say this isn’t Common Core. Common Core is nothing but standards in math and language arts at the moment.

The fact is that Core-aligned curricula needs to be closely examined for left-wing bias.

Once education is nationalized, which the Core testing will most certainly do, we will see more of this and it will be far worse. For now, it is somewhat subtle, but that is how change happens most effectively – subtly and under the radar.