Democratic Voter Fraud Update


North Carolina has some very healthy Democratic voters with more than 2,660 of them over the age of 110 as reported by the Examiner.  You can check it out on Civitas Review. They really need to share their health secrets with Republicans.

The U.N. is going to monitor republicans and conservatives as they vote on November 6th in case they try to suppress the vote. The Republicans have been suppressing the dead peoples’ vote.

Fox 8 is reporting today that Guilford, Colorado voters casting votes for Romney found their votes coming up Obama. All the complaints are coming out of the Bur-Mil Park polling location. Guilford County Board of Elections Director George Gilbert said it’s not a conspiracy, it’s just that the machine needs recalibration.

It happens every year, Gilbert said. If it is a yearly event, why doesn’t he fix it and why don’t the Obama votes come up Romney? Odd!

So Democratic voters live very long lives and have very cooperative voting machines but it’s conservatives who need to be monitored by the U.N.

When will Americans have had enough?