Divorced Couple to Remarry After 48 Years Apart

Roland Davis and Lena Henderson

After 48 years apart, an 85 year-old divorced couple, Lena Henderson and Roland Davis, will remarry. They married as teenagers, had four children and, after 20 years, they divorced in 1964. Both remarried and were widowed.

They always kept in touch through the children but hadn’t seen each other since the divorce until 1996. Without seeing each other since then, Davis proposed to Henderson over the phone at Easter. She accepted.

They plan to have the wedding and reception they didn’t have the first time.

Their children are more excited than they are.

“It’s every child’s dream, every child who has ever been in a family where divorce has occurred, that your parents would come back together,” their youngest daughter, Renita Chadwick, said Tuesday as wedding preparations were in full swing.

“We are all so ridiculously excited. We’re like little children again,” said Chadwick, herself a grandmother.

Four generations will be on hand to witness the wedding ceremony this Saturday.

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