Don’t See the Movie ‘Non-Stop’ If You Care About 9/11 Victims


Spoiler Alert!

Non-Stop is a disgraceful, poorly-written thriller about an airliner that is hijacked by a hidden terrorist on board who is killing passengers and crew members undetected until he gets the money he is demanding. That’s believable!

The pretext is absurd and fantastical but it goes from that to disgusting.

The villain is the son of a 9/11 victim, he is a soldier who is fed up with meaningless wars, and all he cares about is money as he kills innocent people. The hero is a Muslim doctor.

Twin Towers

Twin Towers after the planes hit. There are thousands of people in these buildings.

The film into an anti-American, anti-military manifesto.

The villain is a soldier who became a monster because of the war. He became a mass murderer like the people who killed his father.

The Muslim doctor – the hero – is decked out in full Muslim garb, beard, all of it.

Al-Zawahiri, the master mind of 9/11, was a doctor too. What a coincidence!

What a great idea for a film. It demonizes 9/11 jihad victims and our courageous military veterans while trashing the sacrifice made by our military in Iraq and Afghanistan.

How do the makers of this film think 9/11 families will feel? Do they care if they hurt anyone?

The idea of ending the evil reign of Saddam Hussein and the Taliban is treated as if it were evil.

This film is absolutely disgusting. I lost people in the Twin Towers and the producer, actors, writers of this grade B film repulse me.

Not for nothing, but we have to stop supporting this garbage. This thing was number 1 last week in the box office. The people in Hollywood think people will watch anything to be entertained. We need to show a little discretion.

If we stop going to see this garbage, they will stop producing it.