Hillary Celebrates Red Monday by Threatening to Jail Employers


Happy Red Monday!

Labor Day, the first Monday in September, was formed by U.S. labor bosses, especially the Marxist Central Labor Union. While Labor Day celebrates the American worker, it’s also a tribute to the labor movement.

Labor was once a class, now it’s a scheme to promote the Democratic party and fill the coffers of union bosses.

Labor Day is a time to attack Republicans, the rich, employers, and demand a higher minimum wage and other perks. The union bosses are the wage and price control Marxists who hope to overturn Capitalism.

The origins of the unions are Marxist but for a while there was a rule that Communists could not join or take leadership positions in unions. That all changed with Socialist John Sweeney.

Union bosses, Richard Trumka, John Sweeney, and Linda Chavez-Thompson lifted the rule banning Communist Party members and sympathizers and welcomed them in.

The Communist Party USA (CPUSA) declared itself “in complete accord” with the union program to unionize government workers.

Communist Party USA Labor Commission chairman Scott Marshall emphasized that his organization had worked collaboratively on political campaigns with Trumka.

In September 2010, Trumka stated that he had gotten “into the labor movement not because I wanted to negotiate wages,” but “because I saw it as a vehicle to do massive social change to include lots of people.” Trumka has no interest in supporting Capitalism, quite the opposite.

The Democrats were out doing their union galvanizing for Labor Day with Joe Biden audaciously complaining about the economy Democrats created and Hillary Clinton threatening to imprison employers.


Hillary promised to put some employers in jail for wage theft. I think she particularly wants to jail Uber administrators.

Her wage theft nonsense, Marxist in nature, refers to employers hiring contract employees as they do at Uber – that’s wage theft. She’s been blasting Uber and the “gig” economy. She clams it is eroding workplace protections. She wants the government to regulate and tax everything with crony unions controlling the workers.

There isn’t much evidence there is a “gig” economy revolution as she suggests, but it makes a good talking point and it is directly geared to the low-information voters.

If you can get past her unpleasant personality, you still can’t figure out what she is talking about much of the time. She’s a barrel of angry talking points.

In the video, she states that Americans will have the right to join a union but I think most Americans would like the right to not be forced to join a union.

Hillary could do voiceovers if the president gig doesn’t work out. She’s not far off this character.