Hillary Has to Give Sworn Written Testimony in the Middle of Her Campaign


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Hillary is facing provable accusations by the Republican congress of having committed perjury during her Benghazi testimony and she now has to give sworn testimony in writing to conservative watchdog, Judicial Watch in the middle of her campaign.

Hillary calls this a win.

Clinton’s legal team asked that all question of her emails be barred but she lost on that.

The Hillary media — which is almost all the media — is claiming she won and doesn’t have to appear to give testimony. While she doesn’t have to appear, she does have to give written testimony. It’s not as good as being able to have the give-and-take but it’s not a win for her in the middle of her campaign.

The US District Court Judge Emmet Sullivan ruled that Clinton must respond in writing within 30 days to questions submitted by Judicial Watch, a group that has been trying to hold her to account.

Clinton will give vague answers no doubt.

Aol wrote that:

Clinton, who served as the country’s top diplomat from 2009 to 2013, has apologized for her decision to use the unorthodox email set-up, which had the effect of shielding her communications from public-records laws until the arrangement came to light last year.

They left out her constant lies and the fact that she endangered national security and human assets on the ground.

Voters have said in opinion polls that the email server issue contributes to impressions that Clinton is untrustworthy, aol wrote.


Clinton aides have given testimony to Judicial Watch in recent months.

Sullivan also allowed Judicial Watch to get sworn testimony from a former State Department official named John Bentel.

According to a scathing report by the State Department’s inspector general, Bentel, then a technology official in Clinton’s office, told junior staffers to never speak of Clinton’s email server again after they raised concerns. Bentel and his lawyer have declined to comment on the episode.

Judicial Watch responded that they were happy with the ruling. “We will move quickly to get these answers,” Tom Fitton, the group’s president, said in a statement. “The decision is a reminder that Hillary Clinton is not above the law.”