@Hillary’sHealth: Hillary Dresses for Winter in August, “Is Tired, Looks Sick”


sick hill

Hillary takes weekends off and is only doing fundraisers in small venues, having given up on her rallies with teeny audiences. She is keeping it “small” according to the media who present it as a positive. In fact, she has fewer than 200 people show up at many of these rallies.

The media is Hillary’s campaign staff and cheering squad. They make up for the enthusiasm her supporters don’t have for her.

Rudy Giuliani questioned her health on Fox & Friends this morning, pointing out that she “looks sick.” The left on Twitter are saying he should be ashamed of himself.

If anyone questions Hillary’s health, the person is accused of engaging in a conspiracy theory, but the left always falls back on that to silence people.

It wasn’t a problem when the left attacked John McCain. McCain produced his full medical records but it didn’t matter. They kept picking on the fact that he had a lump on his face from long-cured cancer.

Hillary “is tired, looks sick”, former NYC mayor Rudy Giuliani said on Fox & Friends with host Steve Doocy.

DOOCY: “And Hillary Clinton took off the weekend and is now doing fund-raisers on the West Coast all week.”

GIULIANI: “I think Hillary is tired. I do. When I saw Hillary at the press conference, sitting down with the police — with the democrat appointed police chiefs pretending she’s pro police, one of the most pathetic press conferences I have ever seen.”

DOOCY: “What do you mean?”

GIULIANI: “First of all, she looked sick. Number two, she looked completely uncomfortable saying anything pro police. Number three, it was a complete joke because she’s surrounded by four or five democratic appointed political police chiefs. We know — just go ask any cop right out there, we know who the police are supporting. They know she’s anti-cop. She’s the one who found the police officers in Baltimore guilty before the judge, African-American, found them not guilty.”


Hillary went to her August fundraiser in Nantucket dressed for winter. Many believe she is hiding equipment keeping her going or monitoring her.

Hillary is always sitting on a stool. She doesn’t stand for long.