John Kerry Calls for Borderless Nations

The White House will raise their fence five feet to keep out the trespassers.
The White House will raise their fence five feet to keep out the trespassers but they’re special.

Idiot Secretary of State John Kerry said we can’t come on top if we take “advice from soundbite salesmen and from carnival barkers.” It’s impossible to hide behind walls, he told the graduates of Northwestern University at their commencement exercise. He let them know they should get ready for ‘borderless nations’. Modern technology makes it impossible for walls to work, he insisted.

He’s the soundbite salesman and the carnival barker we shouldn’t listen to – clearly.

Kerry should be made the Consul of the United Federation of Planets representing Earth. For the trekkies out there, I think Kerry is a Romulan plant.

Kerry sticking out his tongue as usual

John Kerry’s mantra is being used by the left-wing media to convince Americans that it’s a useless effort to close off borders. The goal is to further extreme globalization. The statists want countries without borders or sovereignty.

That want no one to belong, to believe in a nation, feel tied to their culture, because they think it causes the problems in the world just like the Beatles seemed to believe when they sang ‘Imagine’. If they win, that leaves a gaping hole for socialism and communism to enter because people must believe in something.

It’s a boon for corporatists who want only cheap labor.

Socialists in this country want unconditional amnesty, open borders, and a movement that won’t back down. They are using illegal immigrants and new immigrants to make it happen. If they get their way, foreigners from statist nations will decide our future.

The man who would dictate every aspect of our lives doesn’t want us to have a country.

We hear a lot about our 700 miles of fencing but most of the wall is rickety, untended, poorly constructed and can barely be called a wall or a fence in some areas.

Even with that, the wall works.

According to the Department of Homeland Security, there has been a plunge in the number of apprehensions of illegal migrants on the U.S. southern border—where over 700 of the border’s 2,000 miles are now fenced off— from over 1.6 million in 2000 to around 400,000 in 2014. “There is no doubt that building the fence, putting in drones and of the smart border technology, like cameras and sensors, has made it much harder to cross the border,” says Reece Jones, the author of Border Walls: Security And The War On Terror In The United States, India, And Israel.

It works best in San Diego where the wall is among the best walls we have.

Following the first great wave of illegal immigration post 1986 amnesty, which primarily came through the California-Mexico border, Congress passed a bill in 1996 to require construction of a double-layered fence (triple-layer in some places) in the San Diego corridor along the coast.

To my right stands a steel wall, 25 feet high and reinforced by cement-filled steel piping. The triple-and double-layered fence here in Yuma is the kind of barrier that US lawmakers imagined when the Secure Fence Act ‘HR6061′ was enacted in 2006.
To my right stands a steel wall, 25 feet high and reinforced by cement-filled steel piping. The triple-and double-layered fence here in Yuma is the kind of barrier that US lawmakers imagined when the Secure Fence Act ‘HR6061′ was enacted in 2006.

By the end of the decade, apprehensions fell by 95% as illegals moved eastward, even though the fence covered only 14 miles of the 60-mile sector.  The majority of this border sector, unlike most other areas of the border, also has a tall and solid single-layer fence.  While nothing is full-proof, fences clearly work and take much of the pressure of the border patrol to keep up with the flow.

Illegal immigration is down on the Greece-Turkey border because of their fence. The effects of the fence were instantly felt, according to the authorities, with migration numbers in the area falling as much as 90 percent immediately after it was erected.

The EU railed against the wall for the same reasons Kerry is railing against our building a wall.

border fence

The wall works in Israel.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has touted the efficacy of the security fence, saying in July 2013, “The fence has completely stopped illegal migration to Israel, but it also has an additional function, namely counterterrorism.”

Encouraged by the success of the southern border fence, Israel has plans to erect fences along the Syrian and Jordanian borders, largely due to security concerns.

They now have determined African asylum seekers are trying to come in illegally so they are raising the fence by one meter over dozens of kilometers, making it six meters (19.7 feet) high.

The barrier has worked – according to the army, 14 people made it across the border in 2014, compared with 12,000 in 2010. But over the past year the numbers have increased slightly to 200.

The cogent idea is to build a fence or wall high enough and strong enough and layered enough while adding agents and modern technology to monitor it. At the same time, we have to be allowed to deport people who don’t belong here.

israel border


  1. Where in the HELL are we going to have people that haven’t been vaccinated for measles whooping cough or TB. Will there be an uptick in cases of measles whooping cough or TB..Just 3 weeks ago in PAKISTAN These lunatics stormed the Clinic that wereChildren vacccinations…

  2. John Kerry: Lack of border controls is inviting foreign incursion & infection of your homeland with pernicious agents – just like a body gets infected. Would you, sir, elect to use a dirty bathroom in an unsanitary land, wash with no soap, not have a change of clean underwear, & eat with unclean hands. You would, sir, be inviting disease: cholera, typhoid, hepatitis, & sepsis upon yourself. A country/state “sans cordon sanitaire” or with a porous border is like that body naked in the dirty bathroom with the unsanitary toilet inviting invasion by germs, bacteria, viruses, & other toxic organisms. Lack of sanitation spells death to both body & country. Kerry, think before you spew dangerous stupidity & put this country in jeopardy….

  3. Back to the Heinz assembly line for you Lurch! This time try and put the labels on the right way!

  4. Kerry is a war criminal, however when he talks about the wall he is absolutely right.
    The wall is the most ridiculous idea, because it can be circumvented by a taller ladder, or a tunnel going under it. Donald Walls do not work. The French built the Maginot line in the thirties along the borders to prevent German armored vehicles tanks and soldiers entering France in the event of war, buttvitvfid not help at all during WWII, because the German tanks circumvented the line fortifications by going through the Ardennes Forrest in Belgium. The illegal immigrants problem is a problem created by the greedy American financiers NOT by the Mexicans, through their various economic agreements like NAFTA they destroyed Mexican agriculture through their heavily subsidized crop exports, creating hundreds of thousands unemployed farmers. While by increasing tarifs on imports prevented the competiveness of Mexican export goods to the US. This created another crisis in the industry, a lot of factories closing down creating large numbers of unemployed people, who then in their desperation to feed their families cross the borders to the US. Solution to the problem: abolish all those agreements who only help the vertically integrated businesses to become richer and the people of the world poorer.
    And to the idiot who is afraid that socialism will take over the US, this is the best thing yo happen, and it will happen whether he wants it or not.

  5. Borderless nations?!? That’s what the EU did and the end result was Paris and Brussels attacked by ISIS and Germany overrun by refuges from Syria. Remind me again what the good news part of that story is? Try again imbecile 🙁

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