Iran Shoots Down U.S. Drone – Let’s Blame It On Israel


Our culture peculiarly honors the act of blaming, which it takes as the sign of virtue and intellect.

~ Lionel Trilling

Our weak foreign policy approach is to employ weak sanctions against Iran, while pretending they are tough, and then following them up with verbal assaults on Israel, and it is not working. Iran will soon have nuclear weapons and they will use them on Israel, on us, and on anyone else who does not see it their way.

If there is a third world war, so be it, Ahmadinejad is already on the record as welcoming such an event so he can greet the 12th Imam.

Panetta’s speech on Friday at the Brookings Institute, while peppered with claims of a deep and abiding commitment to Israel, was, in reality, Panetta wielding a bully club about their heads. He was really saying come to the negotiations with ’67 borders on the table, and don’t attempt an attack on Iran. He made it known that he has the pulpit and can easily diminish Israel in the eyes of the world.

In order for Israel to get Hamas to the negotiation table, Israel will have to agree to consider ’67 borders and relinquish some part of Jerusalem. Their borders will be indefensible. At some point, it isn’t worth it.

Jerusalem was never on the table until Obama demanded Israel stop building apartment buildings in East Jerusalem. The U.S. likes to call them “settlements,” but they are merely apartments in land they have inhabited for more than half a century. They are not squatters as the word, “settlements,” insinuates in English.

Since that time, the Palestinian Authority and their new friends (Fatah-Hamas) have demanded East Jerusalem be put on the table.

Now there is even talk, among extreme Islamists, that Israel must go back to pre-1948 borders, which means Israel will disappear all together. This was presented to the UN, it’s not a few isolated people saying it.

Panetta’s speech on Friday was in direct response to Israel Defense Minister Ehud Barak’s statements from the previous day, in which said that Israel is bound to determine its own security needs and the ultimate responsibility for its national security rests with the government in Jerusalem and the Israeli Defense Forces alone. How dare Israel think she can defend herself!

We can’t have Israel, a sovereign nation, getting so cocky that they think they can determine their own fate, and we can’t have them attacking Iran because the U.S. has already shown that they will allow Iran to get nukes. This administration can say they won’t over-and-over but examine their actions and tell me their words have meaning.

A consequence of that speech or just a coincidence is an attack on a U.S. drone. Iran is not afraid and they continue to be emboldened by a weak U.S. administration. Instead of increased sanctions, cutting off their money supply, and even blockading their ports, we give weak lip service to stopping them from becoming nuclear as we demean Israel and isolate her more than she ever could herself.

Iran not only shot down the drone, it’s in their possession with all the knowledge to be obtained from it.

Panetta can blame Israel if Iran gets nukes. His speech on Friday insinuated exactly that.

This from Jerusalem Post: “The spy drone, which has been downed with little damage, was seized by the Iranian armed forces.”

Iran’s response to the downed US drone’s violation of its airspace will not be limited to the country’s borders, a military source told state television.

“The Iranian military’s response to the American spy drone’s violation of our airspace will not be limited to Iran’s borders any more,” Iran’s Arabic language Al Alam television quoted the military source as saying, without giving details.

Iran shot down the drone at a time when it is trying to contain foreign reaction to the storming of the British embassy in Tehran on Tuesday, shortly after London announced that it would impose sanctions on Iran’s central bank in connection with Iran’s controversial nuclear enrichment program.