ISIS Takes Credit for Nice Massacre, Killing of Little Children, Families


ISIS Online media Amaq has taken responsibility for the attack in Nice which took the lives of 84, put 25 on life support, wounded a total of 202 people. Maybe now the media will stop trying to prove he acted alone and was simply a disturbed, wife-beating, hard-drinking, pork-eating non-Islamic radical.

Roberts of MSNBC asked what if he was just mentally disturbed and took a moment to challenge society in a horrific way? He even had a term – EDPs – extremely disturbed person. When is the left going to stop this? Obviously no one in ISIS is normal. What does that matter? The left doesn’t believe in evil and always looks for excuses. Sometimes things are exactly as they appear to be.

The report said the person behind the attack is an ISIS “soldier” Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel, 31, who drove a truck through crowds on the beachfront Thursday, killing dozens and injuring more than 200 people.

They killed 10 little children and scores in the hospital are among the injured and dying. Some of the children were trampled in the pandemonium.

ISIS news agency Amaq said on Saturday that the attack was carried out by “one of the soldiers of the Islamic State”, adding he did it in “response to calls to target sponsors of the coalition that fights the Islamic State”.

The killings bore the imprint of Islamic militancy, and was described in Inspire, the al Qaeda magazine. ISIS is an offshoot of al Qaeda, different leader, more brutal, same group.

The rented, refrigerated truck weighed about 20 tons.

French authorities detained five people Saturday, including his ex-wife and four men.

It is not clear if the killer was a sympathizer taking direction from a sympathizer or an ISIS member went to attack.

Bouhiel was originally a migrant from Tunisia in North Africa where the largest number of world terrorists have come from.

Bouhiel had a small rap sheet of violence and theft and recently lost his job as a driver after he fell asleep at the wheel and drove over four cars.

Early reports of grenades and heavy arms in his truck were not accurate. After Bouhlel was shot, police found a handgun and some ammunition in the truck’s cab, as well as a replica handgun, two replica assault rifles, a cell phone and various documents, Molins said. In the trailer was the bicycle and some empty pallets.

french monuments

The left will set up candle vigils, create flower and teddy bear monuments to the dead. In other words, they will accept this as the new normal as they wave the white flag.

Mike Morell said we will see Bastille style attacks in the US. Will that slow the immigration of unvetted Syrians?