Jon Hammar Coming Home After Mexico’s Extortion Efforts Run Dry

Former Marine Jon Hammar
Retired Marine Jon Hammar

Jon Hammar is coming home to spend Christmas with his family. His father picked him up at the border. The Mexican police kept the US officials and Jon Hammar’s father waiting for nine hours while they did the “paperwork.”

The police, who arrested him for NOTHING, are corrupt, and Mexico is a dangerous place.

The corrupt Mexican police arrest Americans for trespassing, suspicion of anything, without cause – just sitting on the beach, driving in a car with US plates…

Americans, especially service members, should consider Costa Rico for vacations, it’s a far better choice.

Costa Rico is where Jon Hammar was headed.

Last year, more than 120 Americans were killed in Mexico and the violence is on the rise.

Jon Hammar and his father are taking several days to get home. He will be home Christmas Eve. His mother is worried but said she is grateful that she does not have to think about whether or not he is safe each night.

A great many people helped the Hammar family, Rep. Ros-Lehten, most notably, Marco Rubio, and all of Fox News, especially Bill O’Reilly who threatened them with a boycott. Fox News played the story day-and-night.

He eventually would have been murdered in the prison.

Semper Fi Jon Hammar!