Michelle Obama’s Really WONDERFUL speech — a mocking, taunting personal lie


I guess you’ve heard of Michelle Obama’s speech at the “City College of New York…” Actually in spite of what all the conservative critics have said about the speech, it was wonderfully inspiring. Except for one thing. Except for the legacy of a president who has actively, deliberately torn our country apart and encouraged hatred, division, and class-warfare. With that legacy, the speech was reduced to a mockery.

It was indeed a wonderful speech — but all a personal lie. It was a mocking, taunting personal lie that continuously poked a finger in the eye of American brotherhood, trust and love of country.

It was the kind of speech that may have brought tears to your eyes and a well of emotion to your heart had her husband spent his presidency uniting the races and healing the old wounds — the very wounds from which Michelle Obama so cavalierly tore the scabs and laid open again.

Excerpts below… and then there is the full speech below. It is only 20 minutes long and well worth listening to. It really is a great speech. But she twisted it into a hate speech, as only the Obamas could do… They’ve had a whole life time of practice twisting and contorting the truth to make a trap for fools, as Kipling would say…

“Here in America, we don’t give into our fears. We don’t build up walls to keep people out, (What about the White House fences you keep making higher and higher…?) because we know that our greatness has always depended on contributions from people who were born elsewhere,”

What really ticked people of was when she said she wakes up every day in a house built by slaves:

“It’s the story that I witness every single day when I wake up in a house that was built by slaves and I watch my daughters, two beautiful black young women head off to school waving goodbye to their father, the president of the United States.”

I won’t belabor this I’m sure you’ve heard it… Of that last quote, Mark Levin observed… (paraphrase) Where did she wave to her father? In Vietnam? In Japan bowing and apologizing?

By the way, Obama’s father did not come from Kenya to get an education and better himself. He was an America hating bigamist.

She added “inclusion”, “opportunity” and “respect” to “life” and “liberty” and conveniently omitted “pursuit of happiness.”