Mitt Romney Is the Republican Nominee for President of the United States

Mitt Romney, Republican Nominee

Mitt Romney has been voted in as the Republican nominee for president.

The temporary disruptions caused by the Ron Paul supporters has subsided. Hopefully, Ron Paul supporters will climb aboard the Republican train and vote this statist, Obama, out of office. I hope they make it to the Democratic convention and give them the same grief.

Gov. Jan Brewer in Arizona and former Gov. Pete Wilson in California livened up the events.

Iowa cast 22 votes for Ron Paul and just six for Mitt Romney. Maine cast 14 votes for Romney, and 10 for Paul.

After New Jersey delegates pledged, Romney passed the 1,144 threshold. [Business Insider]

It is not official until Thursday when Governor Romney accepts the nomination.

Listen to Tim Scott tell Obama to hit the road:

Governor Pete Wilson sees Ronald Reagan in Mitt Romney: