Obama Brags About Iron Dome Funding But He’s The One Who Tried To Slash It


“I’m proud that the Iron Dome system that Americans helped Israel developed and fund has saved many Israeli lives”, BarackObama said on July 16. I wonder if he’s proud of the fact that he tried to defund it.

President Obama’s fy2015 budget cut the Israeli Cooperative Programs from $200 million to $96.8 million.  The Program includes Arrow II, Arrow III, and David’s Sling missile defense systems.

Israel’s Iron Dome was slated to receive less funding. The Dome is critical to saving Israel when Gaza was lobbing those missiles.

This cut to Israel defense is a repetition of last year when Obama recommended the same cuts which were rejected by congressional appropriators.

The planned budget did however continue pumping $500 million in “humanitarian” aid aid to the Palestinian Authority. Obama wanted another $200 million for them.

Gaza never stopped shooting missiles over the border. In January alone, 30 rockets were fired according to the Israeli Defense Forces. More information at Free Beacon

Mr. Obama must not have read the newspapers today because he is still planning to vacation in Martha’s Vineyard for a couple weeks while Russia’s toady separatists have escalated the war and while Israel has launched a ground offensive into Gaza – targeting Hamas’ tunnels into Israel.

While all this is going on and 295 died in a plane downed by a surface-to-air missile (23 are Americans), Obama is tweeting this:



Obama can’t be held responsible of course. He said he doesn’t tweet nor does he know what is tweeted in his name.

In any case, the tweets are meant to distract as is his current fundraising trip and then he will run and hide in Martha’s Vineyard.