Obama Pulls the U.S. From the World Stage as Putin Ushers in the 19th Century



“You just don’t in the 21st century behave in 19th century fashion by invading another country on completely trumped up pretext,” John Kerry declared March 2 as Russia began the takeover of Crimea.

But Putin did.

The U.S. has refused Ukraine’s request for urgent military aid, and has merely sent a few NATO planes to the Baltic states and Poland. The sanctions we levied were as inconsequential as possible. Putin returned the sanctions and withdrew $100 billion in U.S. bonds.

The message this sent to the world is that we are weak, lacking courage and we will not honor our commitments to our allies.

Mr. Obama and his fellow liberals in Europe think that the U.N. will take the lead in the world.

Obama is ceding the power of the U.S. to the international community so he can follow some imaginary 21st century rule of law that only exists in the minds of the Western powers. Russia has welcomed them to the 19th century and the West is meeting their military might with empty words.

But Oh, Mr. Obama said about the Crimean takeover, it is “illegal” because it violates “the Ukrainian constitution and international law.”

Mr. Putin doesn’t care.

Putin has the will and the military power to restore the Soviet Union. It’s only a matter of time before he goes after Eastern Ukraine. If Mr. Putin moves against any NATO members like Estonia, Latvia or Lithuania, he will significantly weaken NATO.

Putin is motivated and there is little in the way of resistance.

The White House responded to the Crimean vote with this statement, “In this century, we are long past the days when the international community will stand quietly by while one country forcibly seizes the territory of another.” This response is more of the fanciful thinking that comprises our foreign policy.

We should be imposing significant economic and financial sanctions even if we have to go it alone. Europe should stop providing arms to Russia. We should install the nuclear defense shield in Eastern Europe.

Communists, Islamists, Ayatollahs, Iran, Turkey, China, Russia are watching and waiting.

We have clearly left the stage of history and the forces of the 19th century are about to explode throughout the world.

Mr. Obama, Mr. Kerry, Ms. Merkel – who thinks Putin is the one living in “another dimension” – do not understand that strength not capitulation and appeasement is what will keep these evil forces contained.

It is Mr. Obama who is throwing us back into the 19th century by allowing these forces to be unleashed on the world when he has the power to contain them.

Containment is what American Exceptionalism meant to the world but if we are not exceptional, any more than any other country is exceptional, no one will stand in the way of China, Iran, Russia. We have the power to stop it and we will do nothing.

In Syria, the Sunni revolt is on the verge of collapse. Assad is winning, bolstered by the terror army Hizbullah, and Iranian forces. He is advancing along three fronts on the border with Lebanon, Aleppeo and Damascus.

Assad’s evil regime has engaged in hundreds of military operations per day across 12 of the 14 Syrian provinces. The rebels are losing ground in some provinces. The regime has control of military facilities and major cities.

Clashes along the Israel border are directly related to the rising confidence of Assad’s forces and Hizbullah according to at least one Israeli military analyst. Hizbullah is resurfacing after years of containment and is now operating along the Syrian border with Israel. Hizbullah wants to deter Israel from stopping Iranian shipments of advanced weapons to Lebanon. Teheran is calling the shots.

Christians are being massacred around the world. Mr. Obama has been silent. The media refuses to recognize the problem.

Mr. Obama via Mr. Kerry announced the death of the Monroe Doctrine last year which was tantamount to announcing our withdrawal from Latin America. It was more bad timing. The narco-terrorists running Colombia, El Salvador, Venezuela have a direct drug route through Mexico to the United States through our open borders.

Will Mr. Obama ever understand the reality of the situation or will he continue to gut our military and erase our nuclear stockpile?

We have retreated from the world and left it to its own devices. Even if we somehow survive Mr. Obama and replace him with a strong president, our credibility will be damaged for years to come.