Women Kicked Out of Cafe for Being Muslim But Then This Came Out

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Women Kicked Out of Cafe for Being Muslim But Then This Came Out

muslim women

CBS News reported that seven Muslim women are suing a Laguna Beach cafe, claiming they were kicked out because of their religion and were treated like animals. One of the plaintiffs, Sara Farsakh, said: “I felt embarrassed, outraged and shocked by the discrimination my friends and I were subjected to. Suspicious yet? Sara posted this to…

Trump Responds to His Comments About Rafael Cruz-JFK Story


Republican front-runner Donald Trump did not walk back his comments about Ted Cruz’s father Rafael being involved with Lee Harvey Oswald in the JFK assassination when asked by George Stephanopoulos on abc’s Good Morning America. The story was thrown out by the National Enquirer a tabloid known for completely invented stories and an occasional accurate…

Justice Department Demands Transgender Bathrooms or Else

hate bill

The government can create any law it wants by telling their agency bureaucrats to put it to pen and paper. The process is simple. The administration has an agency write a rule – a rule that coincides with their leftist agenda – and then it mandates people, states, local governments follow it or lose money they…

WH Honors Navy SEAL by Talking About Flint

Charles Keating Jr was knowns as C-4 because he was the third generation wight he same name.

A high school and college track star, Charlie Keating IV, a Navy SEAL, was killed by ISIS well behind the front lines. He had boots and he was on the ground. He quit his promising successful college and sports career to fight for his country overseas. The Navy SEAL was a former Phoenix high school…

Hidden Taxation Without Representation Reaches $1.88 Trillion


The Competitive Enterprise Institute released their annual “10,000 Commandments” report which tallies the cost of federal regulations on the American public. They amount to more than all the corporate and individual taxes the IRS is expected to collect. The cost of Federal regulations reached $1.88 trillion and an annual cost of $15,000 per US household. The lawmaking…