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    Sen Kamala Harris Asks CIA Director Nominee About Climate Change

    You can take the leftist out of Sacramento, but you can't take the Sacramento out of the leftist. California's former AG, Kamala Harris, who has been described as the next Barack Obama, interviewed the...

    Michael Savage Interviews 4 Chan-er of Sex-Urinating Trump Story Fame

    Michael Savage is a right-wing talk show host who interviewed the 4 Chan blogger who claims he made up the salacious stories about Trump and fed them to CTR (Hillary's PAC Correct the Record)...
    Cory Booker squinting, thinking of how to lie when asked a question.

    Wannabe President Cory Booker Is a Petty Lying Opportunist

    In an unprecedented move, the petty, lying, opportunist Senator Cory Booker testified against his colleague Jeff Sessions with an ad hominem attack. He suggested he was a racist, presenting zero evidence. Cory's History as a Major...
    Killer of Kate Steinle

    Disgusting! San Francisco Can’t Be Sued in Death of Kate Steinle

    A federal judge says San Francisco cannot be held liable for the death of Kate Steinle who authorities say was shot and killed by a criminal illegal immigrant who had been deported repeatedly. He was protected...

    Breaking…Leftists Plan Attacks at Inauguration Balls

    Project Veritas has released a bombshell undercover video showing leftists planning potential terror attacks at some of the Inaugural balls. The first video in a series exposes leftists planning potential terror attacks at the Inauguration. The Fascist...

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