Another Big Government Plan to Rescue the Middle Class

We Are the Country Bill Maher Wants

New York Is Business-Friendly: Mexican Sinoloa Cartel Offers FREE Meth in NY

Media Outlets Kept This SCOTUS Decision Quiet

Another Big Government Plan to Rescue the Middle Class


A former Reagan adviser has asked how it is possible that with more than 93 million Americans out of work, how can we possibly have 5% unemployment? He contends that with only 210 million Americans eligible to be in the workforce, it leaves us with 42% unemployed. With millions of Americans unemployed and businesses facing oppressive regulations which are growing…

We Are the Country Bill Maher Wants


Bill Maher proudly stated on his show that liberals [some would say leftists] finally have the country they want and the Conservatives can’t stand it. He’s right on both counts. The First Amendment is under constant attack by this administration. The media, comedians like Maher, and corporations are complicit in this. Their success in supporting…

Media Outlets Kept This SCOTUS Decision Quiet


Shortly before the dramatic rulings out of the Supreme Court this past week, the court made a very important decision to not hear a case and it resulted in the continuation of a policy where people here illegally can register to vote without proof of citizenship merely by using a federal form instead of a…

SCOTUSCare Decision Big Win for Red States & Their Govs


One critical political impact from the Supreme Court ObamaCare ruling that seems to have gone mostly overlooked is how Republican governors, who refused to set up health exchanges, have allowed their states to enjoy very big wins. Those GOP leaders have saved constituents both tons of time and loads of money. Red State voters have…

Another Andrew Cuomo Success Story


Let me get this latest Cuomo success story straight. Two vicious murderers were allowed to freely walk around a maximum security prison in regular clothes; they had power tools and hacksaws delivered to them in frozen meat which was delivered by a guard so they could cook in their cell; no one noticed them sawing…

Gay Pride Parade ISIS Joke – Warning

ISIS flag at gay pride parade

Warning: Graphic pictures at the end. It’s all just a big joke. A man waving what appeared to be an ISIS flag at the London Gay Pride parade two days ago was given air time on CNN. (PS: A notice to click another youtube video will come up, don’t watch it unless you want to see…