Sen. Cruz, Rep. Zeldin Pen Letter to Secretary Kerry Seeking an Investigation of Bibigate

'Armed Insurgent' Used 'Terror Tactics' to Kill Three Contractors Thursday

Republicans Who Vote for Loretta Lynch Support Unlimited Presidential Power

Code Pink Got Handcuffs by Capitol “Security”!

Sen. Cruz, Rep. Zeldin Pen Letter to Secretary Kerry Seeking an Investigation of Bibigate


Do you want your tax dollars going to an Alinsky-style campaign to unseat an Israeli Prime Minister? Barack Obama appears to be doing exactly that and Senator Ted Cruz and Representative Lee Zeldin want to know if reports are accurate that a U.S. taxpayer funded 501(c) non-profit organization called OneVoice is behind it and who approved the expenditure. Shouldn’t…

‘Armed Insurgent’ Used ‘Terror Tactics’ to Kill Three Contractors Thursday

how you can tell a terrorist

An ‘armed insurgent’ who used ‘terror tactics’ slaughtered three American contractors in Afghanistan. We can’t call him a terrorist because the White House said the Afghanistan Taliban are not terrorists. Watch: Three Americans have been murdered by a Taliban operative who infiltrated Afghan security forces while wearing an Afghan uniform. The attack came Thursday evening at a…

Loretta Lynch Supported Partial Birth Abortion aka Infanticide Though It’s Illegal


Loretta Lynch, President Obama’s choice for Attorney General of the United States, supported partial birth abortion by signing onto a Planned Parenthood brief to make it legal. She said she focused ‘on the issue of the facial aspect of the law and how it might impact law enforcement’s discretion and independence’. That’s meaningless gibberish meant…

Tick Tock…No Response From Kamala Harris on CSUN Mathematics Professor’s AntiSemitic Website


by Tammi Rossman-Benjamin Santa Cruz, CA, January 29, 2015 – A year ago today, AMCHA Initiative asked California Attorney General Kamala Harris to investigate California State University Northbridge (CSUN) mathematics professor David Klein.  For five years, Klein has illegally used CSUN’s name and resources to promote a personal anti-Israel and antisemitic agenda. Harris has yet…

The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict and the Chimera of Peace or Victory


by Caren Besner The American Heritage dictionary defines “victory” as the defeat of an enemy or triumph in a struggle against difficulties. “Peace,” on the other hand, is characterized by the absence of hostilities, or alternatively, a treaty to end a conflict that results in public security and order. These two definitions do not necessarily…