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    Mike Pence Calls Out Quinnipiac for Its Fake Poll

    This is a fake poll, because 88% + 17% ≠105%. So I ask @QuinnipiacPoll to do better math before posting next fake Poll. pic.twitter.com/DauQs0KJHw — VP Elect (@MikePenceVP) January 11, 2017 Fake news, fake polls, are all coming...
    Maxine Waters as she's talking before Congress January 12 2017

    Funny Video: Russia Today “Interrupted” C-Span for 10 Minutes

    Russia Today (RT) "interrupted" the C-Span feed for a full ten minutes today before C-Span came back. It happened when Democrat Maxine Waters was speaking. C-Span said they were operating under the assumption that it was...

    Leftists Run Ads in Dozens of Cities for Lucrative Jobs as Political Assassins

    Leftists Are Advertising for Astro-turf Protesters Ads are running in two dozen cities to stage protests at the Trump inaugural and the jobs are lucrative. You can make up to $2500, The Washington Times reports. They...
    Rep. John Lewis in Selma

    Rep. Lewis Dropped Another Bomb in NBC Interview

    Rep. Lewis attacked President-elect Donald Trump as an "illegitimate president" during an interview with Chuck Todd on Meet the Press this past week.  Trump responded in tweets. There is more. The civil rights leader made other...
    Santiago being escorted to prison.

    Mainstream Media Sanitizes Florida Airport Terror Attack

    The Mainstream media is reporting only some of the facts in this case and they are emphasizing the killers Iraq War service. They've settled on PTSD as the cause and fail to inform the public of...

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