What a Deal! Obama Is Negotiating Ransoms with Iran as They Collect Prisoners

Hillary Did It! She Destroyed Her Lead!

Hillary Bundles Up for 70 Degree Weather, Walks Warily Holding On

Major News Sources Conceal Hillary Clinton's Mad, Needless War on Libya

Hillary Did It! She Destroyed Her Lead!

hillary dope

Did anyone really believe Hillary could destroy a 12 to 20-point lead against a politically-inexperienced businessman? She did it! In a new Bloomberg poll, Trump holds a two-point lead nationally: Trump is at 43 percent to Clinton’s 41 percent when third-party candidates are included. The debates will be very important. About half of those polled,…

Hillary Bundles Up for 70 Degree Weather, Walks Warily Holding On


Liz Kreutz, a digital journalist for ABC News had her cameraman rolling as the almost 69-year old Hillary walked watching her feet, and quickly grabbed for the nearest handrail as she walked gingerly at first in a heavy winter coat. She quickened her step as the reporter called out. Her van has been specifically equipped at her…

Faux Protesters Kneel Outside Charlotte Stadium During the National Anthem


The Black Lives Matter-Communist protesters in Charlotte, North Carolina knelt outside the stadium during the playing of the National Anthem at the start of the NFL games. One wouldn’t expect otherwise, but the media thought it deserved broad national attention. It’s very clever how leftists have been able to turn something as patriotic and as American as…

PC Watch: Minnesota Police Must Use Proper Pronouns Addressing Transgenders

Janee Harteau

A new policy directs Minneapolis police to use proper pronouns when addressing the transgender community. Nothing spurred the action, it’s a matter of treating them respectfully, Chief Janeé Harteau said. Chief Harteau is openly gay. If the officer doesn’t know what pronoun to use, they are to politely ask. “We begin to have a level of respect that…