DHS Doesn't Know About 40 ISIS Terrorists Who Returned to the U.S. - Udated

Obama Enlists F-Troop

Ukraine President's Pleas for Help Fall on Obama's Deaf Ear

Newsflash! U.S. G.I.'s To Get Magic Carpets In Iraq

Obama Enlists F-Troop

President Obama will lead a teeny coalition of the unwilling using a Syrian army infiltrated with ISIS and al-Nusra as foot…

Obama Enlists F-Troop


President Obama will lead a teeny coalition of the unwilling using a Syrian army infiltrated with ISIS and al-Nusra as foot soldiers to defeat ISIS. It sounds like the F-Troop, especially since Mr. Obama is going to be in charge. He does not listen to his generals. We are in this position because Mr. Obama did…

Ukraine President’s Pleas for Help Fall on Obama’s Deaf Ear

Porto Poroshenko

Ukrainian president Petro Poroshenko made an impassioned plea for help from the United States and the other Western powers to save Ukraine from a Russian takeover. His plea came in the form of an address given in English to Congress Thursday, September 18th. An unmoved Mr. Obama will provide nothing. Watch: Who’s next? Brighton Beach?

John Kerry Says ISIS Isn’t Offering Healthcare or Education

John Kerry

h/t Herb Richmond Secretary of State John Kerry, the foreign policy clown pictured above, was heckled by a radical Code Pink protester while testifying before Congress, not for his ridiculous comments but because Code Pink doesn’t believe in any defensive or aggressive measures against our enemies. Kerry said ISIS isn’t offering healthcare or education as if…

Kill Ex-Im or Maybe Not


“A slush fund for market-distorting subsidies that pick winners and losers in the private sector.” ~ Club for Growth President Chris Chocola on the Ex-Im Bank, which helped finance his family business The Export-Import bank, Ex-Im as it is known, is a U.S. government agency that provides low-interest loans to exporters and guarantees to foreign buyers…

Suffolk County Sheriffs Won’t Jail Most Criminal Aliens

Suff Cty

Suffolk County Sheriffs – in response to left-wing advocates and court cases in Oregon and Pennsylvania – will no longer hold criminal aliens on an “ICE detainer” as part of the “Secure Communities” program. ICE will have to come up with a warrant from a judge. Even if ICE gets the warrant, the aliens might be…

Constitution Day

Stock Photo of the Consitution of the United States and Feather Quill

By Gary Spina This 17th day of September is the anniversary of our Constitution. But in 1787, when the founding fathers convened the Philadelphia Convention, their only intention was to amend and improve the Articles of Confederation. Or so it seemed. Secretly, some of the delegates were there to write a whole new constitution. Patrick…