WaPo: Planned Parenthood Shooter Survived Because of White Privilege

What We Now Know About the Planned Parenthood Killer

This ISIS Militant's Interview Began Okay But Ended Badly

Navy Veteran Returns Home to Find His House Demolished by the Town

WaPo: Planned Parenthood Shooter Survived Because of White Privilege

white privilege

Mainstream media outlets no longer feel the need to pretend they care about victims. Finding out how the hospitalized victims are faring is a feat because the media is almost silent on them. They are, however, boisterously blaming conservatives, Christians and now whites for John L. Dear who just murdered three people at a Planned…

What We Now Know About the Planned Parenthood Killer


The mentally deranged gunman who killed three people and injured nine at a Planned Parenthood clinic in Colorado Springs lived like a Theodore Kaczynski in a cabin in the woods of North Carolina without heat, electricity or running water. He had a record of arrests and “incidents” but unlike so many cases in the past…

This ISIS Militant’s Interview Began Okay But Ended Badly


An ISIS terrorist – a beheader – was being interviewed when a French mortar hit. Both he and the cameraman were blitzed. Karma? The French  have been bombarding ISIS strongholds since they attacked Paris. Russia has also been hitting terrorist targets while the US mostly sits it out. Warning, the video is very disturbing. After the…

What We Know So Far About the Planned Parenthood Killer – Updates

Robert Louis Dear

Updates appear at the end Robert Lewis Dear, age 59, has been identified as the suspect in the shooting at a Planned Parenthood medical center in Colorado Springs, Colorado, the Denver Post reports. Dear surrendered and is cooperating. Three people, including a police officer were killed in the shooting and nine others, including five police officers,…

Obama’s Good Friend Erdogan Appears to Be Selling ISIS Oil


Russia is obviously infuriated with Turkey for the downing of their plane and they are lashing out but one complaint rings true – their accusation that Turkey sells ISIS oil. This leads to an even greater concern – that the US president is not bombing oil lines for reasons other than saving the lives of…

You Do Know There Is No Nuclear Deal, Right?


After all the hoopla about this great legacy deal by Barack Obama and his Secretary of State, there is no deal. We will release the funds to Iran and pretend we are inspecting their facilities. That’s the deal. The entire circus was entertainment only. There is no signed, legally binding nuclear deal and based on…