FUNNIEST CHART O' THE DAY: Breakdown of Where Bill and Hillary Clinton’s "Charitable" Donations Went‏

Obama Still Thinks Terrorists Just Need Jobs

Everything You Need to Know About Hillary's Emails

Totalitarianism At Its Finest: Animalizing People and Humanizing Animals

FUNNIEST CHART O’ THE DAY: Breakdown of Where Bill and Hillary Clinton’s “Charitable” Donations Went‏


by Director Blue It turns out that all of the Clinton family’s donations were directed back to their own “charities”. As TaxProf notes, the family’s charitable giving from 2007 onward has been a case study in moving money around. Since 2007, the Clintons “made $15 million (10.8 percent of their AGI) of charitable contributions, $14.9 million of which…

Obama Still Thinks Terrorists Just Need Jobs

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Barack Obama stubbornly believes that poverty and lack of education breed terrorism, despite the wealth of evidence showing that most terrorists come from middle-class, and often college-educated, backgrounds. If he doesn’t understand what is behind terrorism, he certainly can’t fight it. Princeton-trained economist Claude Berrebi conducted an exhaustive study of the background and education of terrorists in…

Everything You Need to Know About Hillary’s Emails


The nation waits for tens of thousands of emails to be released from Hillary Clinton’s time as Secretary of State. They will come slowly from now until January and will be dissected by various media outlets. It will be a slow drip, drip, drip of information that will not help her campaign. The GOP posted this…

New Schumer Anti-Gun Bill Requires Massive Database of Targeted People


Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY) has proposed a new bill which he announced today, while standing alongside his cousin actress-comedien Amy Schumer. The bill will nationalize some requirements for gun control reporting, taking them out of the state’s hands but leaving them with the responsibility and costs. He made some other questionable suggestions that he shared over CBSN…

Politically Correct Bot Will Correct You If You Say “Illegal Immigrant” on Twitter


There is a new bot running on Twitter that was created to inform people they mustn’t use the term “illegal immigrant” and they must say “unauthorized immigrant” or “undocumented immigrant”. Therefore, the Sentinel will use the terms “illegal alien” or “people here illegally”. The bot creators believe the terms are no longer socially acceptable so they…

Bombshell…David Daleiden Explains What’s on the Suppressed Planned Parenthood-Tied Video

David D

Alisyn Camerota, a CNN anchor of New Day, grilled the spokesperson and investigator for The Center for Medical Progress, David Daleiden on Sunday. He is the man behind the Planned Parenthood videos and exposé. During the interview, Ms. Camerota played Devil’s Advocate or was deliberately playing the role of Planned Parenthood defender, but Daleiden answered every…