Oregon Killer's Father Blames Guns Instead of His Mass Murdering Son

BlackLivesMatter Founder Teaches Lesson at Yale on Looting

Evil Soros Lays Out a Costly Asylum Plan for the "Selfish" EU to Follow

Seven Nifty Ways to Eliminate Free Speech in America

BlackLivesMatter Founder Teaches Lesson at Yale on Looting


BlackLivesMatter founder DeRay McKesson was a guest lecturer for a one credit course at Yale Divinity School. The title of the course is “Transformational Leadership in the Black Lives Matter Movement” and the topic for Friday was to read In Defense of Looting. The subtitle of the racist piece is, “For most of America’s history, one of the…

Seven Nifty Ways to Eliminate Free Speech in America


Of course it’s absurd to think anyone is trying to shut down free speech in America just as it’s absurd to think anyone is trying to take our guns, but if I were a statist and wanted to restrict the First Amendment, these are a few of the things I would do to make it happen.…

Illegal Immigration Might Have Guaranteed a Hillary Clinton Win in 2016


Illegal immigrants might get Hillary Clinton elected without ever casting a vote. Their impact on the Electoral College has been indisputable. Politico reported Saturday that Hillary Clinton might win in 2016 simply because of the numbers of illegal immigrants registered in each red and blue state which have changed the apportionment which in turn affects the…

Failed NY Education Commissioner Is the New Secretary of Education

John King Jr

John King Jr. was a miserable failure as Commissioner of Education in New York. He waylaid his failure in New York into the assistant’s job in the US Department of Education. He will be the new Secretary of Education. King came to New York as an extremely well-educated egghead with little educational experience and none in…

UN Global Policing Network Has Been Launched on US Soil


On Wednesday, the Obama Administration, in conjunction with the UN, launched a Global Police Force Networking operation to fight “Extremism” in US cities. US Attorney General Loretta Lynch told the United Nations on Wednesday that the Attorney General’s office, working with several US cities, will be pursuing a global law enforcement initiative. The Strong Cities Network (SCN) was launched…

Uh Oh, Sea Turtles Make Global Warming Worse!

Green Sea Turtle

This great looking sea turtle isn’t what he appears to be. He could be one of the gravest threats to the planet. Sea turtles now have a target on their backs because killing them slows global warming according to Dr. Peter Macreadie. Peter Macreadie, a marine ecologist at Deakin University in Melbourne, Australia, has concluded from his research…