What a Revered Black Civil Rights Leader Says About the Confederate Flag

Pope Francis' Marxist Adviser, Naomi Klein

A Bergdahl/Hekmati Dichotomy

Another Big Government Plan to Rescue the Middle Class

Pope Francis’ Marxist Adviser, Naomi Klein

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A very high profile anti-Capitalist from Canada named Naomi Klein has been invited by Pope Francis to join forces with Climate Change activist and senior aide to the Pope, Cardinal Peter Turkson. Together they will lead a prominent conference on the environment with churchmen, scientists, and activists. The conference will exclude climate change doubters and…

A Bergdahl/Hekmati Dichotomy

Amir Hekmati

As a 20 year retired veteran, I write with a certain amount of anger on this subject. Bowe Bergdahl, a known deserter who walked away from his fellow soldiers, is still not in jail, or worse for desertion. Amir Hekmati still languishes is jail in Iran, with no resolution in site.  Bergdahl’s parents were received…

Another Big Government Plan to Rescue the Middle Class


A former Reagan adviser has asked how it is possible that with more than 93 million Americans out of work, how can we possibly have 5% unemployment? He contends that with only 210 million Americans eligible to be in the workforce, it leaves us with 42% unemployed. Federal Reserve Vice Chairman Stanley Fischer told a an audience at…

We Are Becoming a Country Without a First Amendment

US President Barack Obama speaks during a campaign event at Strawbery Banke Field in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, on September 7, 2012. Obama said that a new report showing the US economy created just 96,000 jobs last month was "not good enough."  In his first campaign event following his convention speech, Obama noted, however, that the economy had added jobs for 30 straight months while it was losing 800,000 jobs a month when he took office.    AFP PHOTO / Saul LOEBSAUL LOEB/AFP/GettyImages (Newscom TagID: afplivefour701944.jpg) [Photo via Newscom]

Bill Maher crowed that liberals [some would say leftists] finally have the country they want and the Conservatives can’t stand it. He’s probably right on both counts. This is what appears to be happening from the perspective of a Conservative. The Constitution is under attack or being ignored and the left wants us to view…

SCOTUSCare Decision Big Win for Red States & Their Govs


One critical political impact from the Supreme Court ObamaCare ruling that seems to have gone mostly overlooked is how Republican governors, who refused to set up health exchanges, have allowed their states to enjoy very big wins. Those GOP leaders have saved constituents both tons of time and loads of money. Red State voters have…

Greece the Skids!


Updates at the end The beautiful country of Greece with its charming and friendly people is about to default and fall into an economic collapse. The wrong people won the election. The small Syriza party won because they convinced the people that the economic collapse, the economic scandals, were the cause of their dire situation…