National Sheriff's Group Stands Up to Gun Control

Mostly Peaceful 'Protests' of Invaders, Criminals, Leftists at Massive Trump Rally in Cali

Obama Just Made His Next Move on Upcoming Mandates in Smart Gun Technology - Update

Panda Onesie Bomber Identified

Panda Onesie Bomber Identified

A young man in a Panda costume and surgical mask walked into a Baltimore TV station Thursday claiming to have a bomb.…

National Sheriff’s Group Stands Up to Gun Control

sheriff mack2

Sheriff Mack is back in the news and recently gave an interview that was published in the Washington Post yesterday. Former sheriff of Graham County, Arizona, Richard Mack, formed the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association (CSPOA) in 2011 with the goal of getting a quarter of the nation’s 3,080 sheriffs to join. Mack sees the feds…

Panda Onesie Bomber Identified

man in Panda suit

A young man in a Panda costume and surgical mask walked into a Baltimore TV station Thursday claiming to have a bomb. He was shot and wounded by police after leaving the building. He’s in serious but stable condition. The 25-year old from Howard County walked into a Fox TV station in Baltimore with a fake bomb on…

This Is For Those Who Wonder What Side John McCain is On

SAN ANTONIO, TX - JANUARY 29:  Presidential hopefuls Senator John McCain (R-AZ) and Senator Hillary Clinton (D-NY) greet each other during the opening of the Center for the Intrepid and additions to the Fischer House facilities to treat soldiers wounded in combat at Brooke Army Medical Center January 29, 2007 in San Antonio, Texas.  (Photo by Ben Sklar/Getty Images) *** Local Caption *** Hillary Clinton;John McCain

It appears that John McCain, who knows beyond a shadow of a doubt that Hillary was a Benghazi-disaster, invited her to his desert retreat for a highfaluting conversation about leadership values. How timely for the Democratic presidential hopeful to be applauded on leadership by a so-called Republican. He likes to call his fellow Republicans ‘wacko birds’ and ‘clowns’.…

Curt Schilling Lets Loose on ESPN Racists and His Next Career


Outspoken legendary Boston Red Sox pitcher and ESPN baseball analyst Curt Schilling appeared on“Breitbart News Patriot Forum” on Sirius XM (SoundCloud below) and he didn’t hold much back. “It was apparent to me early on that if you wanted to go off topic as a sportsperson, you had to go off topic left or you were…

Ted Cruz’s Response to What Was Supposed to Be a Goof


As a goof, a young man asked Senator Cruz to sign his copy of the Communist Manifesto. Cruz didn’t hesitate. A young man asked @SenTedCruz to sign a copy of the Communist Manifesto as a joke. Here’s what Cruz wrote. — Ben Gittleson (@bgittleson) April 28, 2016

Breaking Information on Hillary’s ‘Security Review’


The FBI does have an ongoing investigation into Hillary’s use of a private server and enforcement proceedings are looming. So much for her claim that it is a ‘security review.’ Vice News reporter Jason Leopold is seeking Clinton’s emails that the DOJ obtained from her private server. He is also seeking correspondence between the FBI and Clinton referencing…