Gov. Mike Pence - "Avalanche of Intolerance Poured on our State Is Just Outrageous"

Chemical Attack in Syria After IS and Al Qaeda Capture Idlib City

Lt. Gen. Flynn - "Incredible Policy Confusion" While There Is A Complete Breakdown of Order in the Mid-East

ISIS Threatens to Conquer Texas on Twitter

ISIS Threatens to Conquer Texas on Twitter

Threatening Texas

Texas has been battling some Islamists in Texas who appear to be gradually implementing Shariah Law. While what they are doing is non-binding and only affects civl suits, it leaves Islamic women without the protections of U.S. law. They will feel compelled to follow it. ISIS is on it:   FBI Director Jim Comey recently informed…

Lousy Record Keeping Causes Our Combat Veterans to Suffer

Stanley Friedman

Stanley Friedman served his country honorably during World War II. From being shot at to seeing fellow soldiers blown apart, he carried out his duties beyond what people should be expected to do. When he came home, he suffered from what he later discovered was post-traumatic stress disorder, but he couldn’t get help for his ailment from…

Global Warming Is Going to Make Women Into Prostitutes

Barbara Lee

Global warming is going to make prostitutes out of poor women and no, that idea isn’t coming out of some Third World nation. It’s coming out of the mouths of some of our House representatives. Global warming not only causes terrorism and is about to destroy the world, it’s going to drive women into transactional sex,…