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    Hungarian Government to Turn the Screws to Soros’s Socialist NGOs

    Prime Minister Viktor Orban might be getting ready to "turn the screws" to Soros-backed NGO's (non-governmental organizations), yahoo news reports. The right-wing premier is emboldened by Donald Trump's victory to more closely monitor the socialist NGOs who...

    Sen Kamala Harris Asks CIA Director Nominee About Climate Change

    You can take the leftist out of Sacramento, but you can't take the Sacramento out of the leftist. California's former AG, Kamala Harris, who has been described as the next Barack Obama, interviewed the...
    John Kerry and Barack Obama looking pensive.

    The Obama Legacy: Those golden years

    by Joe David There is talk that President Barack Hussein Obama is concerned about his political legacy once he is out of office. This is nonsense. Nothing he has ever done during his presidency could...

    Obama Admits He Ordered Abstention from UN Anti-Israel Veto

    Last night outgoing President Barack Obama admitted he made the call to abstain from vetoing the anti-Israel UN resolution. President Obama Finally Makes a Big Admission President Barack Obama told “60 Minutes” that he ordered an...
    Bill O'Reilly interviews Lindsey Graham

    Bill O’Reilly Explains How Salacious Anti-Trump Report Came About

    Bill O'Reilly explained in his talking points this evening how the salacious report against Trump came to be. The Timeline And Where It Came From In September 2015, a GOP donor hired Fusion GPS to compile opposition...

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