Planned Parenthood & “Religious” Leaders Praying for 40 Days of Abortion

The Young in the Hands of Planned Parenthood

“Day 1: Today we pray for women for whom pregnancy is not good news, that they know they have choices.” “Day 34: Today we give thanks for abortion escorts who guide women safely through hostile gauntlets of protesters.” ~ 40 Days of Prayer for Abortion

Mocking the 40 Days for Life campaign that has saved almost 700 unborn babies, Six Rivers Planned Parenthood in California is supporting a “religious” campaign to conduct 40 days of prayer for abortion. How is it that “religious” people are praying for abortion and since when is it planned parenthood’s role to advocate for it?

The initiative, “40 Days of Prayer: Supporting Women Everywhere,” provides 40 different prayers that can be offered up in support of abortion rights.

The invocations were originated by a group called Faith Aloud and were written by Rev. Rebecca Turner, the organization’s executive director. For years, they have been used by independent abortion providers, including Planned Parenthood (here’s a past press release that further explains the initiative). Now, it seems the local, California-based Planned Parenthood office is also taking part in the effort.

The conservative Liberty Council, a legal and education non-profit, claims that the prayers in the Six Rivers leaflet include consideration for “the mothers, the escorts, the abortionists,” but that there are no mentions of the unborn children. The local version of the campaign is being supported by a group called Clergy for Choice, which describes itself as follows:

We are religious leaders who value all human life.  We accept that religions differ about when life begins. We are here to help.

The initiative, “40 Days of Prayer: Supporting Women Everywhere,” provides 40 different prayers that can be offered up in support of abortion rights. [the blaze]

Check out the brochure here which is posted on the Six Rivers Planned Parenthood website. [Life News]

They believe life is holy so they are promoting abortion of the unborn through prayer – gets a little dicey, don’t you think?

They are also making it a woman’s issue. While I believe that abortion is necessary in some cases and I think that early in the term is different than late term, I do think that praying for women and the young to embrace and pray for abortion is amoral.

For so-called religious leaders to pray for abortion, while they mock the pro-life 40 days of life, sounds inherently evil.

Planned Parenthood is under investigation for using federal money to fund abortions –

New charges from seven former workers—including a self-described “abortion doctor”—that Planned Parenthood used federal money for abortions despite prohibitions is expected to fire up Republicans seeking to shut off tax dollars to the massive family planning group.

In a letter to the House committee investigating Planned Parenthood, the seven former workers also charged that they have witnessed staffers fail to notify parents when a minor sought an abortion, failed to provide a women undergoing an abortion with “accurate and relevant information” regarding the stage of her pregnancy, or detect and act upon instances were a female was brought to a clinic under coercion, possibily even human trafficking. [Whispers: Barack Obama Recruits Planned Parenthood Exec.]

“We are of one mind that the extent of these problems with the organization is not fully understood by the American people, who are underwriting the growth of Planned Parenthood and its potent outreach to the young and the poor,” said the seven in the letter circulated to Congress by the Susan B. Anthony List, an anti-abortion group. Read here: Washington Whispers

Take a look at Maggie’s Notebook for the truth about Planned Parenthood. Pregnant women who go to PP will abort 91% of the time. PP is making a business out of abortion and have excess millions because of it, so remind me why we are funding them?