RINO Alert: Rand Paul Attacked by RINOs

John McCain
John McCain in better days

The establishment Republicans were out in full force today. They don’t like it when the young ‘uns go off on their own to do crazy things like defend the Constitution and ask for guidelines on the use of drones.

I like and respect John McCain and Lindsey Graham but they really are out-of-touch.

John McCain, the RINOest of all RINOs, thinks Senator Paul violated senate rules. Who the hay cares? Do they even have rules? News to me!

Lindsey Graham was on Fox & Friends this morning complaining about Paul’s topic, claiming that Americans aren’t worried about drones killing citizens in an LA cafe – that’s ridiculous, he said.

Really? It’s ridiculous? Fine, then just give us the guidelines and we will be happy. Senator Paul was so careful to say he supports the drone program and didn’t expect drones to come crashing down on citizens. He wanted reassurance and he wants guidelines. He wanted to know if we still have due process and all he was getting from Eric Holder were weasel words.

Whether you agree with him or not is irrelevant and that’s what the old vanguard, establishment Republicans don’t understand. Here is a man who stood on the senate floor, ignored all possible media and party ramifications, and fought for something he believes in – the Constitution and the peoples’ rights.

It was energizing! We don’t all have to agree but we do need to feel our representatives care about the people more than they care about the next photo-op.

The burn-outs in the Republican ivory tower want to marginalize Paul. They should be embracing the concept instead. Out with the old, in with the new!